Andrés Eduardo Serrano Acevedo (born 30 November 1942) is an actor, best known as the evil patron Rogelio Vivas in Coral International telenovela Juana la virgen. He has also participated in many other events. For example, in 1979 he co-presented the eighth edition of the OTI Festival, which was held in Caracas.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, he has been married 3 times. From his first marriage with Mirtha Pérez, he has one child. He was also married with Carmen Julia Álvarez from 1968 to 1975 and Haidy Velásquez from 1995 to present. He has two children with Haidy. His children's names are Magaly Andreina, Miguel Eduardo and Leonardo Andrés.


TV series


  • The Celibacy / The Celibacy (2011)
  • Tosca, la verdadera historia / Tosca, the True Story (2001)
  • Juegos bajo la luna (2000)
  • Cangrejo II (1984)


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