''Ebba Maersk'' is a container ship owned by the Danish shipping company A. P. Moller-Maersk Group. She is the fifth of the Mærsk E-class, and at the time of delivery she and her seven sister ships were among the largest container ships ever built. She has a total TEU capacity of 11,000 TEU 14-ton containers by Maersk definition; however, with standard ratings she can hold 14,770 containers.Vessels
''Maersk Line'', 1 June 2010. Retrieved: 17 June 2010.
This rating goes by physical space rather than weight. Her beam is , her length , and she has a deadweight tonnage of 156,907. In May 2010, she was reported with Holt, Julie.
Ebba Mærsk Beats World Record
''Ing.dk'', 28 May 2010. Retrieved: 28 May 2010.
in Tangier, Morocco, the highest equivalent number of any vessel.

In popular culture

In the Daniel Suarez novel ''Kill Decision'', ''Ebba Maersk'' is taken over by thousands of automated combat drones hidden in shipping containers.Daniel Suarez, ''Kill Decision'', Chapter 28 ff. . Published by Dutton Adult (July 19, 2012)


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