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EAST PUNJAB (known simply as PUNJAB from 1950) was a province and later a state of India from 1947 until 1966, consisting of the parts of the Punjab Province of British India that went to India following the partition of the province between India and Pakistan by the Radcliffe Commission in 1947. The mostly Muslim western parts of the old Punjab became Pakistan's West Punjab , later renamed as Punjab Province , while the mostly Hindu and Sikh eastern parts went to India.


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Main article: Partition of India

With the partition of the British Indian Empire , the Punjab province was to be divided in two as per the Indian Independence Act passed by the parliament of the United Kingdom. The province as constituted under the Government of India Act 1935 ceased to exist and two new provinces were to be constituted, to be known respectively as West Punjab "> Administrative divisions of India in 1951

The Constitution of India , which came into effect in 1950, renamed the province of "East Punjab" as the state of "Punjab".


Main article: States Reorganisation Act, 1956

In 1956 , the PEPSU was merged into an expanded Punjab state.


Main article: Punjabi Suba movement A map of the distribution of native Punjabi speakers in India and Pakistan

With effect from 1 November 1966, there was yet another reorganisation, this time on linguistic lines, when the state of Punjab as constituted in 1956 was divided into three: the mostly Hindi-speaking part became the present-day Indian state of Haryana and the mostly Punjabi -speaking part became the present-day Punjab , while a new union territory ( Chandigarh ) was also created, to serve as a capital to both states. At the same time, some parts of the former territory of Patiala and East Punjab States Union, including Solan and Nalagarh , were transferred into the state of Himachal Pradesh .


Since it ceased to be the name of a state, "East Punjab" has been used in India to refer to the eastern part of the present Punjab state, while in Pakistan it