The Annual Gen Con EN World RPG Awards (or ENnie Awards) are annual, fan-based awards for role-playing game products and publishers hosted at Gen Con in Indianapolis, Indiana. The name of the award is derived from the EN World web site that has hosted the awards since their inception in 2001. The ENnies were created by Russ Morrissey and Eric Noah and have been run and owned by Russ Morrissey since 2001.

The awards were initially focused on d20 System products and publishers and were a solely internet-based event (hosted by EN World). They have since broadened their scope to include all forms of roleplaying, and since 2002 have been announced at a live awards ceremony at Gen Con.

In 2007, the ENnies were sponsored for the first time by a corporation, Your Games Now. In 2008 they were sponsored by Avatar Art. In 2010, 2011, and 2012 they were sponsored by both Indie Press Revolution and DriveThruRPG. From 2013-2016 they were sponsored by DriveThruRPG. In 2015, Campaign Coins made the medals as a sponsorship. In 2017, Lone Wolf Development became a sponsor.

The ENnies comprise two rounds. In the first round, publishers submit their products for nomination by that year's five democratically elected judges. As of 2017, judges have had a two-year term limit, but are permitted to return after a year off. In the second round, the public votes on the nominated products, with the results being presented live at Gen Con.


The 2017 Categories were as follows:

  • Best Adventure
  • Best Aid/Accessory
  • Best Interior Art
  • Best Cover Art
  • Best Blog
  • Best Cartography
  • Best Electronic Book
  • Best Family Game
  • Best Free Product
  • Best Miniatures Product
  • Best Monster/Adversary
  • Best Podcast
  • Best RPG Related Product
  • Best Rules
  • Best Setting
  • Best Supplement
  • Best Writing
  • Best Website
  • Best Game
  • Product of the Year
  • Fans’ Choice for Best Publisher

Results by year


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