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The ECHL Hall of Fame was established by the ECHL ice hockey league in 2008. The ECHL Board of Governors created the ECHL Hall of Fame to recognize the achievements of players, coaches, and personnel who dedicated their careers to the league. Hall of Fame members are selected in four categories: Player, Developmental Player, Builder, and Referee/Linesman. Players must have concluded their career as an active player for a minimum of three playing seasons, though not continuous or full seasons. Developmental Players must have begun their career in the ECHL and went on to a distinguished career in the NHL, playing a minimum of 260 regular season games in the NHL, AHL and ECHL. Builders may be active or inactive whereas Referee/Linesman must have concluded their active officiating career for a minimum of three playing seasons. No more than five candidates are elected to the Hall of Fame each year with no more than three Players, one Developmental Player, two Builders and one Referee/Linesman. The Builder and the Referee/Linesman categories are dependent upon the number of candidates in the Player category. The nomination and subsequent selection of candidates is determined by the ECHL Hall of Fame Selection Committee which is appointed by the ECHL. The ECHL Hall of Fame inaugural class was inducted during the 2008 ECHL All-Star Game festivities at Stockton Arena in Stockton, California, and included ECHL founder Henry Brabham, the ECHL's first commissioner Patrick J. Kelly, and former players Nick Vitucci and Chris Valicevic.


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List of Hall of Famers[edit]

Year Name Position/role ECHL Team(s)

2008 Henry Brabham[1] ECHL founder League executive

Patrick J. Kelly[1] Commissioner (1988–96) League Executive

Chris Valicevic[1] Defenseman Greensboro Monarchs, Louisiana IceGators

Nick Vitucci[1] Goaltender Carolina / Winston-Salem Thunderbirds, Greensboro Monarchs, Hampton Roads Admirals, Toledo Storm, Charlotte Checkers, Greenville Grrrowl

2009 John Brophy[2] Head coach Hampton Roads Admirals, Wheeling Nailers

Blake Cullen[2] Owner Hampton Roads Admirals

Tom Nemeth[2] Defenseman Dayton Bombers, South Carolina Stingrays, Toledo Storm

Rod Taylor[2] Left winger Hampton Roads Admirals, Richmond Renegades, Roanoke Express, South Carolina Stingrays, Peoria Rivermen, Toledo Storm

2010 Cam Brown[3] Left winger Columbus Chill, Erie Panthers, Baton Rouge Kingfish, Gwinnett Gladiators

E.A. "Bud" Gingher[3] Owner; chairman Board of Governors Chairman (1992–95); Dayton Bombers owner

Olaf Kolzig[3] Goaltender Hampton Roads Admirals

Darryl Noren[3] Center Greensboro Monarchs, Charlotte Checkers

2011 Phil Berger[4] Right winger Greensboro Monarchs, Charlotte Checkers, Raleigh IceCaps, Hampton Roads Admirals

Richard Adams[4] President/CEO (1995–02) League Executive

Luke Curtin[4] Left winger Baton Rouge Kingfish, Atlantic City Boardwalk Bullies, Fresno Falcons

Joe Ernst[4] Referee League official

2012 Bob Woods[5] Defenseman Johnstown Chiefs, Hampton Roads Admirals, Mobile Mysticks, Tallahassee Tiger Sharks, Mississippi Sea Wolves

Bill Coffey[6] Founder League executive

Sheldon Gorski[7] Right winger Louisville Icehawks, Louisville RiverFrogs, Miami Matadors, Pensacola Ice Pilots

John Marks[8] Coach Charlotte Checkers, Greenville Grrrowl, Pensacola Ice Pilots, Augusta Lynx

Dave Seitz[9] Center South Carolina Stingrays

2013 Dave Craievich[10] Defenseman Cincinnati Cyclones, Birmingham Bulls, Mobile Mysticks

Marc Magliarditi[11] Goaltender Columbus Chill, Florida Everblades, Louisiana IceGators, Richmond Renegades, Las Vegas Wranglers

Steve Poapst[12] Defenseman Hampton Roads Admirals

Darren Schwartz[13] Left winger Johnstown Chiefs, Winston-Salem Thunderbirds, Tallahassee Tiger Sharks, Wheeling Thunderbirds/Nailers

2014 James Edwards President; chairman Johnstown Chiefs president, Chairman of the ECHL Board of Governors (1999–2003)

Wes Goldie Right winger Pee Dee Pride, Victoria Salmon Kings, and Alaska Aces

Al MacIsaac Defense; GM/coach Hampton Roads Admirals

John Spoltore Center Louisiana IceGators

2015 Darren Colbourne Right winger Dayton Bombers, Richmond Renegades, Raleigh IceCaps, Augusta Lynx

Louis Dumont Center Tallahassee Tiger Sharks, Wheeling Thunderbirds, Louisiana IceGators, Augusta Lynx, Pensacola Ice Pilots, Mississippi Sea Wolves, and Utah Grizzlies

Scott Sabatino Executive vice president; COO League executive

Carl Scheer Owner; chairman Charlotte Checkers owner, Chairman of the ECHL Board of Governors, Greenville Grrrowl owner

2016 Daniel Berthiaume Goaltender Wheeling Thunderbirds, Roanoke Express and Greensboro Generals

Craig Brush General manager Florida Everblades

Allan Sirois Left winger Baton Rouge Kingfish, Jacksonville Lizard Kings, Pee Dee Pride, Pee Dee Pride, Greenville Grrrowl, Texas Wildcatters

2017 T. Paul Hendrick ECHL general counsel League executive

Rick Kowalsky Right winger; head coach as player: Hampton Roads Admirals, Trenton Titans, Roanoke Express; as head coach: Trenton Titans/Devils

Brad Phillips Linesman League official

2018[14] Steve Chapman General manager; chairman League executive; Chairman of the ECHL Board of Governors (2006–2015); president and general manager of Mobile Mysticks (1995–2001) and Gwinnett Gladiators (2002–2015); assistant general manager of Birmingham Bulls (1992–1995)

Sam Ftorek Defenseman Augusta Lynx, Mobile Mysticks, Greensboro Generals, Gwinnett Gladiators, Fresno Falcons, Cincinnati Cyclones, Kalamazoo Wings

Jason Saal Goaltender South Carolina Stingrays, Peoria Rivermen, Hampton Roads Admirals, Dayton Bombers, Louisiana IceGators, Arkansas RiverBlades, Augusta Lynx

Inductees by team[edit]

11: Hampton Roads Admirals (includes one owner and two coaches) 8: League executives 5: Augusta Lynx, Charlotte Checkers (includes one owner and one coach), Louisiana IceGators 4: Dayton Bombers (includes one owner), Greensboro Monarchs, Mobile Mysticks (includes one manager), South Carolina Stingrays 3: Greenville Grrrowl (includes owner and one coach), Gwinnett Gladiators (including one manager), Johnstown Chiefs (including one president), Pensacola Ice Pilots (includes one coach), Richmond Renegades, Tallahassee Tiger Sharks, Toledo Storm, Wheeling Nailers/Thunderbirds (includes one coach) 2: Baton Rouge Kingfish, Birmingham Bulls (including one manager), Cincinnati Cyclones, Columbus Chill, Fresno Falcons, Mississippi Sea Wolves, Peoria Rivermen, Raleigh Icecaps, Roanoke Express, Winston-Salem Thunderbirds 1: Alaska Aces, Arkansas RiverBlades, Atlantic City Boardwalk Bullies, Erie Panthers, Greensboro Generals, Kalamazoo Wings, Las Vegas Wranglers, Louisville Icehawks, Louisville RiverFrogs, Miami Matadors, Pee Dee Pride, Trenton Titans/Devils (as a player and coach), Utah Grizzlies, Victoria Salmon Kings


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