Duna is the Hungarian name for the Danube River. Other places with the name Duna include: *D'Una River, Brazil *Duna (woreda), Hadiya Zone, Ethiopia *Duna, Iran (disambiguation), places in Iran *23617 Duna, main-belt asteroid discovered in 1996 Duna may also refer to: *Duna TV, Hungarian television station *Duna World, Hungarian television station and sister channel of Duna TV *Duna or Dyna, the Viking name, or D√ľna, the German name for the Daugava (river) (flowing through Russia, Belarus, and Latvia) *Duna (band), Soviet band of the late 1980s *Duna Records, American record label founded by Brant Bjork *Fiat Duna, small car produced in Brazil *Duna language, spoken in Papua New Guinea *Duna people, indigenous people living in Papua New Guinea People with the given name or surname Duna include: *Steffi Duna, Hungarian actress

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*Doona, Australian term for duvet or comforter {{Disambiguation|geo