Ducker or Dücker is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: * Bruce Ducker (born 1938), American novelist, short story writer, and poet * Carl Gustaf Dücker (1663–1732), Swedish field marshal * Edward A. Ducker (1870–1946), Justice of the Supreme Court of Nevada * Eugen Dücker (1841–1916), romanticist Baltic German painter * George Ducker (1871–1952), Canadian footballer * Jack M. Ducker (fl. 1910–1930), painter of Scottish highland landscapes * John Ducker (1932–2005), Australian labor leader and politician * John Ducker (cricketer) (born 1934), Australian cricketer *John Francis Christopher Ducker, real name of John Leeson (born 1943), English actor * John L. Ducker (1922–2014), American politician and attorney * Sophie Charlotte Ducker (1909–2004), German-born Australian botanist *, a Swedish noble family

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* Ducker & Son, British firm of shoemakers *
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