Dukedom of Berry
Crown of a Duke of France.svg
Arms of Jean de Berry.svg
Arms of the Duke of Berry after 1376
Creation date October 1360
Monarch John II of France
Peerage Peerage of France
First holder John of Berry
Last holder Charles Ferdinand d'Artois
Status Extinct
Extinction date 14 February 1820

The title of Duke of Berry (French: Duc de Berry) or Duchess of Berry (French: Duchesse de Berry) in the French nobility was frequently created for junior members of the French royal family. The Berry region now consists of the départements of Cher, Indre and parts of Vienne. The capital of Berry is Bourges.


Titled Coat of Arms Tenure Consort Issue(s)
House of Valois
John, Duke of Berry.jpg John of Berry
Arms of Jean de Berry.svg October 1360 15 June 1416 Joan of Armagnac (1360–1387)[1][2][3][4][5]
Joan II of Auveregne (1389–1416)[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]
Jean de Touraine, dauphin of France.jpg Dauphin John of Touraine
Arms of Jean de Tourraine.svg 15 June 1416 5 April 1417 Jacqueline of Hainaut[1][8][9][10][11] Childless
Lehmann - Charles VII de France, le victorieux.jpg Dauphin Charles of Touraine
then Charles VII
Armes de charles de Touraine.png 5 April 1417 22 July 1461 Marie of Anjou
Charles de France.jpg Charles of Normandy
Blason Charles de France (1446-1472) duc de Normandie.svg 22 July 1461 24 May 1472 Unmarried Childless
No image.svg Francis of Valois
Arms of Charles de Berry.svg 24 May 1472 July 1473 Unmarried Childless
Jean Clouet (Attributed) - Portrait of Marguerite of Navarre - Google Art Project.jpg Margaret of Angoulême
Coat of Arms of Marguerite of Angouleme, Queen Consort of Navarre.svg 1517 21 December 1549 Charles IV of Alençon (1509–1525)
King Henry II of Navarre (1526–1549)
Margaret of France, Duchess of Berry by Studio of François Clouet.jpg Margaret of Valois
BlasonIledeFrance.svg 29 April 1550 15 September 1574 Duke Emmanuel Philibert of Savoy
Francois-Hercule de France.jpg Francis of Anjou
Arms of Hercule dAnjou.svg 6 May 1576 10 June 1584 Unmarried Childless
House of Bourbon
Portrait painting of Charles of France, Duke of Berry (1686-1714) by Nicolas de Largillière.png Charles of France
Arms of Charles de Berry.svg 1 August 1686 5 May 1714 Marie Louise Élisabeth d'Orléans[4][12][11][13]
  • Charles of Alençon
Roslin Louis XVI of France.jpg Louis-Auguste of Bourbon
then Louis XVI
Arms of Charles de Berry.svg 24 August 1754 20 December 1765 Marie Antoinette of Austria[8][9]
Comte d'Artois, later Charles X of France, by Henri Pierre Danloux.jpg Charles of Artois
then Charles X
Arms of Charles dArtois.svg 20 December 1765 25 January 1778 Maria Theresa of Savoy[2][14]
Charles-Ferdinand-Berry.JPG Charles Ferdinand of Artois
Arms of Charles dArtois.svg 25 January 1778 14 February 1820 Caroline of Bourbon-Sicily
No image.svg Prince Alphonse of Anjou
Arms of Charles dArtois.svg 29 May 2010 Incumbent Unmarried

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