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The Dragoman marsh
Dragoman marsh
is the biggest natural karst wetland in Bulgaria. It is situated only 35 km north-west from Sofia and covers a valley between the limestone hills Tri Ushi and Chepan. The marsh is a protected sanctuary for birds. Over 200 species have been recorded in the area. Some of them have a high conservation status. The area is often visited by nature lovers and environmentalists, who use for free the facilities built there: a watch tower and an eco-route. It was proclaimed a Ramsar site
Ramsar site
on February 2, 2012. At 14967 ha, it is the second biggest such site in Bulgaria
after Belene Islands. See also[edit]

Aldomirovtsi marsh

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Dragoman Municipality

Capital: Dragoman


Berende Berende Izvor Chekanets Cheparlyantsi Chorul Chukovezer Dolna Nevlya Dolno Novo Selo Dragoil Dreatin Gaber Golemo Malovo Gorno Selo Gralska Padina Kalotina Kambelevtsi Krusha Letnitsa Lipintsi Malo Malovo Nachevo Nedelishte Nesla Novo Bardo Prekraste Rayanovtsi Taban Tsatsarovtsi Tsraklevtsi Vasilovtsi Vishan Vladislavtsi Yalbotina


Dragoman marsh Church of St Peter, Berende Church of St Nicholas, Kalotina


Notable people

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