Donnie or Donny is a familiar form (hypocorism) of the masculine given name Donald, Donal or Don. It may refer to:


Arts and entertainment

Donny Baldwin Donald Baldwin (born June 22, 1950/1951) is an American drummer best known as a member of Jefferson Starship (1982–1984; 2008–present) and its continuation Starship (band), Starship (1984–1989). Early life Baldwin was raised in Palo Alto, Ca ...
, American drummer best known as a member of Jefferson Starship and Starship *
Donnie Brooks Donnie Brooks (born John Dee Abohosh; February 6, 1936 – February 23, 2007) was an American pop music singer. Brooks is a member of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. Early life Born in Dallas, Texas, Abohosh moved to Ventura, California, Ventura, C ...
(1936–2007), American pop music singer * Donnie Dacus, guitarist * Donnie Demers, American songwriter *
Donny Deutsch Donnie or Donny is a familiar form (hypocorism) of the masculine given name Donald, Donal or Don. It may refer to: People Arts and entertainment * Donny Baldwin, American drummer best known as a member of Jefferson Starship and Starship *Donnie ...
(born 1957), American advertising executive and television personality *
Donnie Dunagan Donald "Donnie" Roan Dunagan (born August 16, 1934) is an American former child actor and retired United States Marine Corps drill instructor. He is best known for portraying the young son of Baron Frankenstein in Son of Frankenstein and for provi ...
(born 1934), semi-retired American former child actor * Donnie Elbert (1936–1989), American soul singer *Donnie Fritts (born 1942), American session musician and songwriter * Donnie Hamzik, drummer of the heavy metal band Manowar * Donny Hathaway (1945–1979), American jazz, blues, soul and gospel singer, songwriter, arranger and pianist *Donnie Iris (born 1943), American rock musician known for his work with the Jaggerz and Wild Cherry *Donnie Keshawarz (born 1969), American stage, film and television actor *Donnie Klang (born 1984), American singer, songwriter * Donny MacLeod (1932-1984), Scottish television presenter * Donny McCaslin (born 1966), American jazz saxophonist *Donnie McClurkin (born 1959), American gospel music singer and minister *Donnie Munro (born 1953), Scottish musician * Donny Osmond (born 1957), American singer, actor, dancer *Donnie Simpson (born 1954), American radio DJ, television and movie personality *Donnie Van Zant (born 1952), American rock vocalist and guitarist *Donnie Wahlberg (born 1969), American singer, actor and film producer *Donnie Yen (born 1963), Hong Kong actor, martial artist, film director and producer *Donnie (rapper), Canadian rapper


*Donnie Abraham (born 1973), American football cornerback *Donnie Allison (born 1939), American race car driver *Donny Anderson (born 1943), American football player *Donnie Avery (born 1984), American football player *Donnie Beechler (born 1961), American race car driver *Donnie Boyce (born 1973), American basketball player *Donny Brady (born 1973), American football player *Donnie Craft (born 1959), American football player *Donny Crevels (born 1974), Dutch race car driver *Donny Davies (1892–1958), English cricketer, amateur footballer and journalist *Donnie Davis (born 1972), American football player *Donnie Ernsberger (born 1996), American football player *Donnie Edwards (born 1973), American football linebacker *Donny Grant (born 1976), Costa Rican footballer *Donnie Green (born 1948), American former football offensive lineman *Donny Gorter (born 1988), Dutch footballer *Donny de Groot (born 1979), Dutch former footballer *Donnie Henderson (born 1975), American football coach *Donnie Jones (basketball) (born 1966), American college basketball coach and player *Donnie Lewis (born 1997), American football player *Donny Marshall (born 1972), American basketball player *Donnie Meche (born 1974), American jockey *Donnie Moore (1954–1989), American baseball player *Donnie Nelson (born 1962), American basketball executive *Donnie Neuenberger (born 1962), American race car driver *Donnie Nickey (born 1980), American football safety *Donnie Nietes (born 1982), Filipino professional boxer *Donnie Sadler (born 1975), American baseball player *Donny Schmit (1967-1996), American motocross racer *Donnie Shell (born 1952), American football strong safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers *Donnie Smith (born 1990), American soccer player *Donny Toia (born 1992), American soccer player *Donnie Tyndall (born 1970), American head men's basketball coach *Donny van de Beek (born 1997), Dutch footballer *Donnie Walsh (born 1941), American basketball executive * Donny White, athletics administrator and baseball coach *Donnie Williams (American football), Donnie Williams (born 1948), American football player *Donnie Wingo (born 1960), American auto racing crew chief

Other fields

*Donnie Burns (born 1979), Scottish politician * Donny Lambeth (born 1965), American politician * Donny Olson (born 1953), American politician * Donny George Youkhanna (1950-2011), Iraqi-Assyrian archaeologist, anthropologist, author, curator and professor


* Donny Meluda, alias Abdul Rahman Abdullah, a Malaysian ex-fugitive and convicted robber serving a 33-year jail sentence in Singapore for multiple violent robberies.

Aliases and stage names

* "Donnie Brasco", alias of undercover FBI agent Joseph D. Pistone (born 1939) * Donny Goines, stage name of American rapper Donny Scott * Donny Montell, stage name of Lithuanian singer-songwriter Donatas Montvydas (born 1987) * Donny Tourette, stage name of English singer-songwriter Patrick Brannan (born 1981) * Donny Young, an early stage name of American musician and singer Donald Eugene Lytle (1938-2003), better known as Johnny Paycheck


*Donnie (dog), a Doberman Pinscher known for his penchant for arranging his plush toys in geometric forms {{given name Hypocorisms