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Dongrae District is a gu in northern Busan, South Korea. It has a population of about 300,000, and an area of 16.7 square kilometers. It was once a separate city, the principal port of southeastern Korea. Numerous historical relics are preserved in the area. Heosimcheong, Asia's largest spa, is in Oncheon-dong. This district is well known for Pajeon, which is 'Green Onion Pancake'. DongRaeGu is also the ID for the Korean StarCraft II
StarCraft II
progamer, Park Soo Ho.[1] Due to his success in events such as the GOMTV Global Starcraft II League and Major League Gaming, he was recognized by the town and was allowed to officially represent the town by being able to place a badge on his uniform.[2]


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Administrative divisions[edit]

Administrative divisions

Dongnae-gu is divided into seven legal dong, which altogether comprise 14 administrative dong, as follows:

Allak-dong (2 administrative dong) Boksan-dong Myeongjang-dong (2 administrative dong) Myeongnyun-dong (2 administrative dong) Oncheon-dong (3 administrative dong) Sajik-dong (3 administrative dong) Sumin-dong

Sister cities[edit]

Hongkou, China

See also[edit]

Geography of South Korea


Dongnae District
Dongnae District
Castle Festival opens every October since 1996.

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English-language homepage of Dongnae-gu


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