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Donald Cameron Watt
Donald Cameron Watt
(17 May 1928 – 30 October 2014) was a British historian.


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Early life[edit] Donald Cameron Watt
Donald Cameron Watt
was educated at Rugby School.[1][1][2] He read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oriel College, Oxford, graduating from Oxford University with a bachelor's degree in 1951.[1] Career[edit] Watt served as a Professor of International History at the London School of Economics,[2] where he served as the Head of the Department and Stevenson Chair of International History from 1981 to 1993.[1] Watt edited Survey of International Affairs at Chatham House
Chatham House
from 1962 to 1971.[1] He was the author or co-author of 25 books.[1] He won the Wolfson History Prize in 1990.[1] Personal life and death[edit] Watt was married twice. He first married Marianne Grau in 1951, and they had a son.[1] After she died in 1962, he married Felicia Stanley. She predeceased him in 1997.[1] Watt died on 30 October 2014.[1] He was 86 years old.[1] Works[edit]

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