Diving usually refers to: * Diving (sport), the sport of jumping into deep water * Underwater diving, human activity underwater for recreational or occupational purposes Diving or Dive may also refer to:


* Dive (American football), a type of play in American football * Diving (association football), a simulation of being fouled * Diving (ice hockey), embellishing an infraction in an attempt to draw a penalty * Sport diving (sport), competitive scuba diving using recreational techniques in a swimming pool * Taking a dive, intentionally losing a match, especially in boxing

Film and television

* ''The Dive'' (1990 film), a 1989 Norwegian action thriller * ''The Dive'' (2018 film), a 2018 Israeli film * ''Dive!'' (film), a 2010 documentary film by Jeremy Seifert * ''Dive'' (TV series), a 2010 British drama * ''Dive'', a 2012 short film by Julia Parnell * ''Dive'' (film), a 1929 German silent film



* Dive (Belgian band), an electro-industrial band * Dive (Swedish band), a duo


* ''Dive'' (Dive album) (1990) * ''Dive'' (Maaya Sakamoto album), 1998 * ''Dive'' (Sarah Brightman album), 1993 * ''Dive'' (Tycho album), 2011 * ''Dive'', a 2020 album by I Am the Avalanche


* "Dive" (Steven Curtis Chapman song), 1999 * "Dive" (Usher song), 2012 * "Dive" (Ed Sheeran song), 2017 * "Dive", a song by BeForU * "Dive", a song by Nirvana from ''Incesticide'' * "Dive", a song by Saint Etienne from ''Home Counties'' * "Dive", a song by The Dead Stars on Hollywood * "Diving" (song), a 2017 song by Bridgit Mendler * "Diving", a song by 4 Strings


* Dive (river), a river in France * Dive, Thane, a village in Thane District, Maharashtra, India * Lake Dive, a lake in Egmont National Park, New Zealand

Other uses

* Dive (aviation), a rapid descent by an aircraft ( also see dive bombing ) * ''Dive: The Medes Islands Secret'', a 2010 video game * ''Dive!!'', a 2008 series of novels by Eto Mori * Dive! (restaurant), a defunct restaurant in Los Angeles, California * Dive bar, a type of bar or pub * Daeva or Dive, a demon in Persian mythology


* Bradshaw Dive (1865–1946), New Zealand politician * Caroline Dive, British cancer pharmacologist * Mollie Dive (1913–1997), Australian cricketer * Dive Downes (1652–1709), Irish bishop

See also

* Dive Dive, a British rock band * "Dive! Dive! Dive!", a 1990 song by Bruce Dickinson * Dives (disambiguation) * Divi (disambiguation) * * {{Disambiguation|surname