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A distinctive unit insignia (DUI) is a metallic heraldic badge or device worn by soldiers in the United States Army. The DUI design is derived from the coat of arms authorized for a unit. DUIs may also be called "distinctive insignia" (DI) or, imprecisely, a "crest" or a "unit crest" by soldiers or collectors. The U.S. Army
Institute of Heraldry
is responsible for the design, development and authorization of all DUIs.


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Memorandum authorizing the distinctive unit insignia for the 337th Infantry Regiment

Pre-World War I Insignia. Distinctive ornamentation of a design desired by the organization was authorized for wear on the Mess Jacket uniform by designated organizations (staff corps, departments, corps of artillery, and infantry and cavalry regiments) per General Order 132 dated December 31, 1902. The distinctive ornamentation was described later as coats of arms, pins and devices. The authority continued until omitted in the Army
uniform regulation dated December 26, 1911. Distinctive unit insignia. Circular 161 dated 29 April 1920 authorized the use of the regimental coat of arms or badge as approved by the War Department for wear on the collar of the white uniform and the lapels of the mess jacket. Circular 244, 1921 states: "It has been approved, in principle, that regiments of the Regular Army
and National Guard may wear distinctive badges or trimmings on their uniforms as a means of promoting esprit de corps and keeping alive historical traditions. Various organizations which carry colors or standards have generally submitted coats of arms having certain historical significance. As fast as approved these coats of arms will for the basis for regimental colors or standards which will eventually replace the present regimental colors or standards when these wear out. The use of these coats of arms as collar ornaments in lieu of the insignia of corps, departments, or arms of service would be an example of distinctive badge to be worn by the regiment." `The first unit to wear this insignia was the 51st Artillery which received approval for wear on March 18, 1922. It was designed by Master Gunner and Master Sergeant Edward C. Kuhn, the artist responsible for creating all authorized coats of arms and distinctive unit insignia at the time. Present. Up until 1965, only regiments and separate battalions were authorized a coat of arms and distinctive units insignia. Now all major commands, field hospitals, corps, logistics commands and certain other units – groups, for example – are authorized distinctive unit insignia. Design[edit]

Specification for the distinctive unit insignia for the 337th Infantry Regiment

The unit commanding officer requests approval of a distinctive unit insignia. A check is made by the Institute of Heraldry
to determine the availability of a current copy of the lineage and honor statement and/or history for the unit. If such is not available, one is requested from the United States Army
United States Army
Center of Military
History. The unit's history is reviewed to determine if the unit may inherit a previously approved distinctive unit insignia or if a new design should be made.[1] If a new design is to be made, careful study is made of the history and battle honors of the unit. The most important decorations, honors, combat service and missions are represented in the design of the insignia. Sometimes two centuries of history are condensed into symbolism for distinctive unit insignia. A proposed design is created and sent to the commanding officer for review and concurrence. Upon concurrence by the unit commander an official letter of approval of the distinctive unit insignia is sent to the unit. Manufacturing drawings and specifications are sent to a certified manufacturer which provides samples of the finished distinctive unit insignia to the Institute of Heraldry
for approval. Once approved the manufacturer may produce this insignia. Each manufacturer has an identifying hallmark assigned by the Institute of Heraldry
which is applied to the back of the insignia. The shield shape design is used to identify color bearing organizations (for example, regiments and battalions). Other design patterns will be used for non-color bearing units. The design is based on war service, assignment or accomplishments. Cartoon characters or logos are not authorized as design elements. Symbols are to represent mission rather than actual equipment as equipment becomes out-of-date. Unit designations, numerals, letters, geographical outlines, reproductions of other insignia will not be included as part of the design. Once a distinctive unit insignia is approved it is changed only when a heraldic or historical error is found. A modification of unit designation or mission does not permit a change to the DUI design. As a result, DUIs tend to further reflect the historic roots of a unit. For example, many older Military
Intelligence battalions' DUIs feature teal blue rather than oriental blue, having been designed for Army Security Agency units which were designated as branch-immaterial. Likewise, those that began as Signals units typically feature orange. The 211th Military Police Battalion provides an example of a unit changing branches without changing insignia, having been assigned to six different branches during its existence. Color-bearing battalions and regiments continue to have insignia without the shield shape if they were formerly non-color-bearing units when the insignia was approved; this includes not only former groups and brigades that were down-sized, but as well flexible battalions (i.e., battalions composed of variable attached numbered companies, rather than fixed-TOE battalions composed of lettered companies which are organic to the battalion) which gained coats of arms and thus colors in the late 1990s, long after their DUIs were already approved. Authorization[edit] Distinctive unit insignia
Distinctive unit insignia
(DUI) of a design approved by The Institute of Heraldry, U.S. Army, are authorized under Paragraph 28-22 of Army Regulation 670-1.[2] Wear[edit]

A U.S. Army
soldier wearing the black beret with the DUI of the 23rd Infantry Regiment.

Lieutenant General Gwendolyn Bingham wearing the Quartermaster Corps RDI on her Army
Service Uniform.

The distinctive unit insignia of the unit to which the soldier is assigned are worn as follows:[3]

On the beret flash of enlisted personnel On the breast patch of the black pullover sweater On the shoulder loops of the enlisted personnel's Army
Service Uniform jacket (when not worn in dress configuration) centered on the shoulder loops an equal distance from the outside shoulder seam to the outside edge of the button, with the base of the insignia toward the outside shoulder seam. Above the nameplate on the Class A and Class B service uniforms, when the DUI is worn in lieu of a regimental distinctive insignia (RDI). At the soldier's option the RDI, the DUI of their current assignment or the DUI of a previous assignment may be worn above the nameplate. If worn, the RDI for whole branch regiments (MP, Signal, Quartermaster) must be that of the soldier's current career field.[3]

When a DUI is authorized, all personnel assigned to the organization wear the insignia, except general officers, the Sergeant Major of the Army
and the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman. General officers wear their regimental distinctive insignia (RDI) on the black pullover sweater. The Sergeant Major of the Army
Sergeant Major of the Army
and Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman (if a soldier) wear, respectively, the SMA and SEAC collar insignia in lieu of the DUI on their pullover sweaters and berets, but their epaulets are bare. Units not listed in AR 670-1 (other than USAG) may request a DUI be authorized if the unit has at least 500 military assigned (250 for Department of the Army
operating agencies). The Army
element of joint commands may be authorized a DUI if the Army
element has at least 500 Army
personnel.[4] Examples[edit] Adjutant General[edit]

21st Replacement Battalion "Strength and Service"

43rd Adjutant General Battalion "Soldiers for Freedom"

120th Adjutant General Battalion "We Set the Example"

298th Army

328th Personnel Services Battalion "Support and Service"

360th Replacement Battalion "Support to Win"

369th Adjutant General Battalion " Army

556th Personnel Services Battalion "Service Always First"

Alphabetical units[edit]

United States Army
United States Army
Alaska "America's Arctic Warriors"

United States Army
United States Army

United States Army
United States Army
Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command "By Sword, Deed, and Word"

United States Army
United States Army
Combined Arms Support Command "Support Starts Here"

United States Army
United States Army
Corrections Command "Vanguards of Justice"

United States Army
United States Army
Criminal Investigation Command "Do what needs to be Done"

United States Army
United States Army
Cyber Command "Secundum Ad Nimenem"

United States Army
United States Army
Dental Command "Global Care"

United States Army
United States Army
Forces Command "Freedom's Guardian"

U.S. Army
Human Resources Command "Total Army, Total Victory"

United States Army
United States Army
Installation Management Command "Sustain, Support, Defend"

United States Army, Japan "Omnia Fieri Potest"

United States Army
United States Army
Medical Command "Responsive and Dedicated"

United States Army
United States Army
Medical Research and Materiel Command "Protect, Project, Sustain"

United States Army
United States Army
Medical Department Center and School "To Conserve Fighting Strength "

Reserve Medical Command "Civis Militis Medicus"

United States Army
United States Army
District of Washington "Haec Protegimus" (This We Guard)

United States Army
United States Army
North "Strength of the Nation"

United States Army
United States Army
Pacific "One Team"

U.S. Army
Recruiting Command

United States Army
United States Army
Reserve Command "Twice the Citizen"

United States Army
United States Army
South "Defense and Fraternity"

United States Army
United States Army
Space and Missile Defense Command "Securing the High Ground"

U.S. Army
Operations Aviation Command

United States Army
United States Army
Operations Command "Sine Pari" (Without Equal)

United States Army
United States Army
Element, United States Forces Korea "Supporting Defense"

United States Army
United States Army
Surface Deployment and Distribution Command "Serving the Armed Forces"

United States Army
United States Army
Training and Doctrine Command "Freedom's Fortress"

Asymmetric Warfare Group "Think. Adapt. Anticipate."

Fort Dix "The Ultimate Weapon"

Fort Jackson "Victory Starts Here"

Fort McCoy

Fort Polk
Fort Polk
& the Joint Readiness Training Center

Multi-National Force – Iraq

Air Defense Artillery[edit]

10th Army
Air and Missile Defense Command "Prima" (First)

32nd Army
Air and Missile Defense Command "Swift and Sure"

11th Air Defense Artillery Brigade "Train to Fight!"

31st ADA Brigade "Ready and Vigilant"

35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade "Ready in Defense"

38th ADA Brigade "By Valor and Power"

56th Air Defense Artillery Brigade "Quick Reliable Accurate" 1968-1972

69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade "Guarding the Skies"

108th Air Defense Artillery Brigade "Deeds above Words!"

164th Air Defense Artillery Brigade "Blazing Skies!"

174th Air Defense Artillery Brigade "Quisquam Usquam" Anytime Anywhere

263rd Air Defense Artillery Brigade "Duty Honor Excellence"

678th Air Defense Artillery Brigade "For Freedom, We Defend!"

94th Air Defense Artillery Group "First Line of Defense"

1st ADA Regiment "Primus Inter Pares" (First Among Equals)

2nd ADA Regiment "Fidus Ultra Finem" (Faithful Beyond The End)

3rd ADA Regiment "Non Cedo Ferio" (I Yield Not I Strike)

4th ADA Regiment "Audacia" (By Daring Deeds)

5th ADA Regiment "Volens Et Potens" (Willing and Able)

6th ADA Regiment "Certo Dirigo Ictu" (I Aim With a Sure Blow)

7th ADA Regiment "Nullius Pavet Occursum" (He Fears No Encounter)

43rd ADA Regiment "Sustinemus" (Support)

44th ADA Regiment "Per Ardua" (Through Difficulties)

52nd ADA Regiment "Semper Paratus" (Always Ready)

55th ADA Regiment "VIGILANTIA" (Vigilance)

56th ADA Regiment "Night Hides Not"

57th Air Defense Artillery Group "Veto"

59th Air Defense Artillery Group "Defendimus"

60th ADA Regiment "Coelis Imperamus" (We Rule The Heavens)

61st ADA Regiment "Non Est Ad Astra Mollis E Terris Via" (The Way To the Stars Is Not Easy)

62nd ADA Regiment

67th Air Defense Artillery Group "Memor Et Fidelis"

71st ADA Regiment "Undique Venimus" (We come from all parts)

197th ADA Regiment "A Bas L'avion" (Down with the Plane)

204th ADA Regiment "Dum Vigilo Paro"

207th ADA Regiment "Pro Patria et Gloria" (For Country and Glory)

211th ADA Regiment "Monstrat Viam" (It Points the Way)

214th ADA Regiment "We Hear and Strike"

251st ADA Regiment "We Aim to Hit"

263rd Air Defense Artillery Regiment "Unsurrendered"

369th ADA Regiment "Don't Tread On Me"

517th Air Defense Artillery Regiment "We Sweep the Sky"

562nd Air Defense Artillery Regiment "Tuebor"

4th Air Defense Artillery Battalion

94th Air Defense Artillery Battalion "The Thunderbolt Defenders"

39th Air Defense Artillery Battalion "Hit Hard and Sure"

441st Air Defense Artillery Battalion "Four For One"

703rd Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Battalion "To the Last Man"


First United States Army "First In Deed"

Second United States Army "Tout Préparé" (All Prepared)

Third United States Army
United States Army
/ United States Army
United States Army
Central "Tertia Semper Prima" (Third Always First)

Fourth United States Army "Leadership And Integrity"

Fifth United States Army
United States Army
/ United States Army
United States Army
North "Strength of the Nation!"

Sixth United States Army
United States Army
/ United States Army
United States Army
South "Born of War"

Seventh United States Army
United States Army
/ United States Army
United States Army
Europe "Pyramid of Power"

Eighth United States Army "Pacific Victors"

Ninth United States Army
United States Army
/ United States Army
United States Army
Africa "Bringing the Army
Team to Africa"


United States Army
United States Army
Armor School "Forge the Thunderbolt"

4th Armored Division Combat Command A

4th Armored Division Combat Command B

4th Armored Division Combat Command C

4th Armored Group

5th Armored Brigade "Dagger Brigade"

30th Armored Brigade Combat Team "Old Hickory"

155th Armored Brigade Combat Team "Dixie Thunder"

177th Armored Brigade "Spearhead to Victory"

194th Armored Brigade "Thunderbolts of Battle"

20th Armored Regiment "To the Last Man"

32nd Armor Regiment "Victory or Death"

33rd Armor Regiment "Men of war"

34th Armor Regiment "Fear God, Dreadnaught"

37th Armor Regiment "Courage Conquers"

40th Armored Regiment "By Force and Valor"

63rd Armor Regiment "Seek, Strike, Destroy"

66th Armor Regiment "Semper in Hostes" (Always into the enemy)

67th Armor Regiment

68th Armor Regiment "Ventre a Terre" (With Great Speed))

69th Armor Regiment "Vitesse et Puissance" (Speed & Power)

70th Armor Regiment "Strike Swiftly"

73rd Armor "Honor Fidelity Courage"

77th Armor Regiment "Insiste Firmiter" (Persevere Resolutely)

81st Armor Regiment "Supero Omnia" (To Surpass All)

82nd Armor Regiment "Temeritas"

103rd Armor Regiment "Expedite"

126th Armored Regiment "Courage Sans Peur" (Courage Without Fear)

145th Armored Regiment "Excel"

149th Armor Regiment "Men and Steel"

185th Armor Regiment "Fulmen Jacio" (I Hurl The Thunderbolt)

252nd Armor Regiment "Ready, Poised, Decisive"

303rd Armored Regiment "Always in the Lead"

309th Tank Regiment "Ubique Impavidi" (In All Things Undaunted)

126th Tank Battalion "Monstrat Viam" (It Points the Way)

141st Heavy Tank Battalion "Vivions Vi Velocique"

321st Tank Battalion "Ubique Impavidi" "In All Things Undaunted"

322nd Heavy Tank Battalion

741st Tank Battalion "Strenue et Audactor" (Strenuously and Bravely)

743rd Tank Battalion "We Keep the Faith"

745th Tank Battalion "Our Tracks Lead To Victory"

747th Tank Battalion

761st Tank Battalion "Come Out Fighting"


U.S. Army
Operations Aviation Command "Volare Optimos" (To Fly the Best)

1st Aviation Brigade "Above the Best"

12th Combat Aviation Brigade "Ad Excelsum Conamur"

16th Combat Aviation Brigade "Born In Battle"

17th Combat Aviation Brigade "Freedom's Eagles"

18th Combat Aviation Brigade "Black Barons"

63rd Theater Aviation Brigade "Unbridled Thunder"

77th Combat Aviation Brigade "Force From Above"

110th Combat Aviation Brigade "Will do"

159th Combat Aviation Brigade "Press On"

185th Combat Aviation Brigade "Above Valor and Courage"

244th Aviation Brigade "Wings of The Hawk"

15th Aviation Group "Flying Mustangs"

1st Aviation Regiment "Super Primum" (Above the first)

2nd Aviation Regiment "Excelsus" (Lofty)

3rd Aviation Regiment "Ex Alis Pugnamus" (We Fight on Wings)

4th Aviation Regiment "Vigilantia Aeterna" (Eternal Vigilance)

10th Aviation Regiment "Soldiers Of The Sky"

11th Aviation Regiment "Exempla Proponere"

13th Aviation Regiment "Swift and Deadly"

14th Aviation Regiment "Versatility"

25th Aviation Regiment "Lele Makou No Na Puali" (We Fly For The Troops)

52nd Aviation Regiment

82nd Aviation Regiment "Ground Air Mobility"

101st Aviation Regiment "Wings of the Eagle"

104th Aviation Regiment "Winged Support"

106th Aviation Regiment "Commitment to Excellence"

108th Aviation Regiment "We Defend from Above"

111th Aviation Regiment "Air Warrior Air Attack"

114th Aviation Regiment "Eagles of Liberty"

123rd Aviation Regiment

126th Aviation Regiment "Faith Flight Fidelity"

130th Aviation Regiment "The Eyes of Command"

131st Aviation Regiment "Where Eagles Dare"

135th Aviation Regiment "Poised to Strike"

137th Aviation Regiment "Maintaining Freedom"

140th Aviation Regiment "Cura Et Perfectio" (Accuracy and Perfection)

142nd Aviation Regiment "Over the Rainbow"

147th Aviation Regiment "Lyncei Agminis"

149th Aviation Regiment "Beyond and Above"

150th Aviation Regiment "Our Guard is Up"

151st Aviation Regiment "Ready to Strike"

158th Aviation Regiment "Challenge"

159th Aviation Regiment "Press On"

160th Special
Operations Aviation Regiment "Night Stalkers"

168th Aviation Regiment "Ready When Needed"

169th Aviation Regiment "Gravissima Levans"

171st Aviation Regiment "Support from Above"

183rd Aviation Regiment "Aves Praedae"

185th Aviation Regiment "Fighting for the Force"

189th Aviation Regiment "Sounds of Freedom"

207th Aviation Regiment "Flying to the Future"

211th Aviation Regiment "Wings of the Rockies"

212th Aviation Regiment "Wings of Freedom"

222nd Aviation Regiment

223rd Aviation Regiment

224th Aviation Regiment "Free Dominion"

227th Aviation Regiment "Pouvoir" (Power)

228th Aviation Regiment "Winged Warriors"

229th Aviation Regiment "Winged Assault"

238th Aviation Regiment "Eye of the Cyclone"

285th Aviation Regiment "Desert Hawks"

16th Aviation Battalion "Parati-Respondere"

18th Aviation Battalion "Swift Mobility"

24th Aviation Battalion "Ever Watchful"

54th Transportation Battalion

501st Aviation Battalion "The Warding Eye"

503rd Aviation Battalion "Vision Support and Succor"

504th Aviation Battalion "By Our Deeds Alone"

59th Air Traffic Control Battalion "Voice of Control"

2nd Aviation Company (Light Transportation) "Orville the Otter"

26th Transportation Company

Battlefield surveillance[edit]

58th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade "Maryland 400"

67th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade

71st Battlefield Surveillance Brigade "On the Hunt"

142nd Battlefield Surveillance Brigade "Truth through Vigilance"

201st Battlefield Surveillance Brigade "With Courage and Vision"

219th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade "Eye of the Tiger"

525th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade "Fast Factual Faithful"


1st Cavalry Division "The First Team!"

4th Cavalry Brigade "Train for Combat"

116th Cavalry Brigade Combat Team "Move Strike Destroy"

316th Cavalry Brigade "Perditor-Oris" (Destroyer)

1st Cavalry Regiment "Animo et Fide" (Courageous and Faithful)

2nd Cavalry Regiment "Toujours Prêt" (Always Ready)

3rd Cavalry Regiment "Brave Rifles"

4th Cavalry Regiment "Paratus et Fidelis" (Prepared and Loyal)

5th Cavalry Regiment "Loyalty Courage"

6th Cavalry Regiment "Ducit Amor Patriae" (Led By Love of Country)

7th Cavalry Regiment "Garry Owen"

8th Cavalry Regiment "Honor and Courage"

9th Cavalry Regiment "We Can, We Will"

10th Cavalry Regiment "Buffalo Soldiers"

11th Armored Cavalry Regiment "Black Horse Regiment"

12th Cavalry Regiment "Semper Paratus" (Always Ready)

13th Cavalry Regiment "It Shall Be Done"

14th Cavalry Regiment "Suivez Moi" (Follow Me)

15th Cavalry Regiment "Tous Pour Un, Un Pour Tous" (All for one, one for all)

16th Cavalry Regiment "Strike Hard"

17th Cavalry Regiment "Forward"

18th Cavalry Regiment "Velox Et Mortifer" (Swift and Deadly)

26th Cavalry Regiment "Our strength is in loyalty"

27th Cavalry Regiment "Vamos" (We Will Go)

28th Cavalry "Mas" (More)

31st Cavalry "Celer et Non Visi" (Swift and Unseen)

32nd Cavalry "Victory or Death"

33rd Cavalry "Men of War"

38th Cavalry Regiment "Always In Front"

40th Cavalry Regiment "By Force and Valor"

61st Cavalry "Forging Destiny"

71st Cavalry Regiment "Gallantly Forward"

73rd Cavalry Regiment "Honor Fidelity Courage"

75th Cavalry Regiment "One Round"

82nd Cavalry Regiment "Temeritas"

89th Cavalry Regiment "Ready Now"

91st Cavalry Regiment "Alert"

98th Cavalry Regiment "Meridianus Adamantinus" (Southern Steel)

101st Cavalry Regiment "To the Utmost"

102nd Cavalry Regiment "Fide Et Fortitudine" (By Faith and Fortitude)

103rd Armored Cavalry Regiment "To the Last Man"

104th Cavalry Regiment "Over Under or Through"

106th Cavalry Regiment "Uteumque Ubique" (Anywhere at Any Time)

107th Cavalry Regiment "Facere non-Dicere" (To Act, Not To Speak)

108th Cavalry Regiment "Come What Will"

110th Cavalry Regiment "Yankee Eyes"

112th Cavalry Regiment "Rarin' to Go"

121st Cavalry Regiment "Vigilantia Et Vis" (Monitoring and Force)

124th Cavalry Regiment "Golpeo Rapidamente"

126th Cavalry Regiment "Courage Sans Peur" (Courage Without Fear)

131st Cavalry Regiment "Taught to Lead"

134th Cavalry Regiment "Lah We Lah His" (The Strong, The Brave)

150th Cavalry Regiment "We Can Take It"

151st Cavalry Regiment "Lead the Way"

152nd Cavalry Regiment "Fit to Fight"

153rd Cavalry Regiment "Scouts Out"

167th Cavalry Regiment "Ti Rah I Kuts"

180th Cavalry Regiment "TANAP-NANAIYA KIA ALHTAIYAHA" (Ready in War Or Peace)

183rd Cavalry Regiment "Death to Tyrants"

278th Armored Cavalry Regiment "I Volunteer Sir"

299th Cavalry Regiment "E Maka'ala Kakou" (Let's Be Alert)

301st Cavalry Regiment "Fort Et Loyal" (Strong and Loyal)

302nd Cavalry Regiment "Celer Eundo; Concurso Ferox" (Swift in March; Bold in Attack)

303rd Cavalry Regiment (ARNG) "Always in the Lead"

303rd Cavalry Regiment (USAR) "Toujours Pret et Audacieux" (Always Ready and Fearless)

304th Cavalry Regiment "El Leon Salta" (The Lion Springs)

305th Cavalry Regiment "Spectemur Agendo" (Let Us Be Judged By Our Actions)

306th Cavalry Regiment "Forward"

307th Cavalry Regiment "Perseverandum" (Persevering)

308th Cavalry Regiment "Nunquam non paratus" (Never unprepared)

309th Cavalry Regiment "Anima Fortuna Sequitur" (Fortune Follows Courage)

310th Cavalry Regiment "Fidelis" (Faithful)

311th Cavalry Regiment "Siempre Adelante" (Always Forward)

312th Cavalry Regiment "Omnia Virtute" (All by Valor)

313th Cavalry Regiment "We Also Serve"

314th Cavalry Regiment "Unity and Speed"

315th Cavalry Regiment "See Only Victory"

316th Cavalry Regiment "Pata Concita Fulmnt Nati" (The Fatherland having been aroused, its sons thunder forth)

317th Cavalry Regiment "Audax Et Vigilans" (Daring and Vigilant)

318th Cavalry Regiment "Fide Et Animis" (By Faith and Courage)

319th Cavalry Regiment "Lead me Forward"

320th Cavalry Regiment "Semper Paratus" (Always Ready)

321st Cavalry Regiment "Tiens ta Foi" (Hold thy Faith)

322nd Cavalry Regiment "Audacter et Strenue" (Strongly and Boldly)

323rd Cavalry Regiment "Primero" (First)

324th Cavalry Regiment "Mah be-ah" (We Defy)

211th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron "Monstrat Viam" (It Points the Way)

82nd Reconnaissance Battalion "Audacia cum Prudentia"


Chemical Regiment DUI "Elementis Regamus Proelium" (Let us rule the battle by means of the elements)

404th Chemical Brigade "Dragons in Support"

2nd Chemical Battalion "Flammis Vincimus" (With Fire We Conquer)

22nd Chemical Battalion

23rd Chemical Battalion "Two Joined as One"

44th Chemical Battalion "Pride Integrity Courage"

83rd Chemical Battalion "Confront Any Mission"

84th Chemical Battalion "Cave Fumo"

92nd Chemical Battalion "Hide Behind Me"

110th Chemical Battalion "Utmost"

145th Chemical Battalion "We Can Adapt"

151st Chemical Battalion "Get There First"

155th Chemical Battalion "The Fog of War"

Civil Affairs[edit]

350th Civil Affairs Command "Send Us"

351st Civil Affairs Command "Born of Freedom"

352nd Civil Affairs Command "Non Ense Solum"

353rd Civil Affairs Command "Order, Government, Freedom"

95th Civil Affairs Brigade (Airborne) "Advise, Support, Stabilize"

304th Civil Affairs Brigade "Sustain the Peace"

308th Civil Affairs Brigade "Advise Organize Direct"

321st Civil Affairs Brigade "Peace thru Unity"

354th Civil Affairs Brigade "Guide the Victory"

358th Civil Affairs Brigade "Victory for Humanity"

360th Civil Affairs Brigade "Law Security Order"

364th Civil Affairs Brigade

91st Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne)

92nd Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne)

96th Civil Affairs Battalion
96th Civil Affairs Battalion
(Airborne) "Advise Maintain Create"

97th Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne) "Freedom Through Effects"

98th Civil Affairs Battalion
98th Civil Affairs Battalion
(Airborne) "The Bridge Between"

401st Civil Affairs Battalion "Civil Military

405th Civil Affairs Battalion "Secure, Serve, Stabilize"

412th Civil Affairs Battalion "Forging Peace"

431st Civil Affairs Battalion "Making Order out of Chaos"

440th Civil Affairs Battalion "Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam"

450th Civil Affairs Battalion "Peace or War, Calm or Storm"

486th Civil Affairs Battalion "Force Multiplier"

489th Civil Affairs Battalion "Vis Amplificans Vim"


I Corps "America's Corps"

III Corps "Phantom"

V Corps "It will be done"

VII Corps "Jayhawk"

IX Corps "Pride of the Pacific"

XVIII Airborne Corps "Sky Dragons"

XXIV Corps "Honed in Combat"


1st Infantry Division "No Mission Too Difficult, No Sacrifice Too Great—Duty First!"

1st Cavalry Division "The First Team!"

1st Armored Division "Iron Soldiers!"

2nd Infantry Division "Second to None"

2nd Armored Division "Hell on Wheels"

3rd Infantry Division "Rock of the Marne"

3rd Armored Division "Spearhead"

4th Infantry Division "Steadfast and Loyal"

4th Armored Division "Name Enough"

5th Infantry Division "Red Devils"

5th Armored Division "Victory"

6th Infantry Division "Sight Seein' Sixth"

7th Infantry Division "Bayonet Division"

8th Infantry Division "Pathfinders!"

9th Infantry Division "Old Reliables"

10th Mountain Division "Climb to Glory"

11th Airborne Division "Angels"

11th Armored Division "Thunderbolt"

12th Armored Division "Speed is the Password"

23rd Infantry Division "Americal"

24th Infantry Division "Victory Division"

25th Infantry Division "Tropic Lightning"

28th Infantry Division "Keystone"

29th Infantry Division "Twenty-nine, let's go!""

34th Infantry Division "Attack, Attack, Attack!"

35th Infantry Division "Sante Fe Division"

36th Infantry Division "Arrowhead"

38th Infantry Division "Cyclone"

40th Infantry Division "Sunshine Division""

42nd Infantry Division "Never Forget"

45th Infantry Division "Semper Anticus" (Always Forward) 1920-1946

45th Infantry Division "Semper Anticus" (Always Forward)

47th Infantry Division "Furor Vikingorum"

49th Armored Division "LoneStar"

50th Armored Division "Jersey Blues"

63rd Infantry Division "Blood and Fire"

70th Infantry Division "Trailblazers"

76th Infantry Division "Onaway Division"

78th Infantry Division "Lightning"

80th Infantry Division "Only Moves Forward"

81st Infantry Division "Train, Maintain, Sustain"

82nd Airborne Division "All the way!"

84th Division "The Railsplitters"

85th Infantry Division "Custer"

87th Infantry Division "Golden Acorn"

89th Infantry Division "Rolling W"

91st Infantry Division "Wild West Division"

92nd Infantry Division "Firme et Fideli" (Strong and Faithful) "Buffalo Soldiers"

94th Infantry Division

95th Infantry Division "Iron Men of Metz"

98th Infantry Division "Iroquois"

100th Infantry Division "Century"

101st Airborne Division "Rendezvous With Destiny"

102nd Infantry Division "Ozark"

103rd Infantry Division "Cactus Division"

104th Infantry Division "Timberwolf Division"


412th Theater Engineer Command "Build to Serve"

16th Engineer Brigade "Blast Build Battle"

18th Engineer Brigade "Essayons et Edifions"

20th Engineer Brigade "Building Combat Power"

36th Engineer Brigade

130th Engineer Brigade "Minutemen For Freedom"

111th Engineer Brigade "Combat Ready"

168th Engineer Brigade "Monuments to Progress"

194th Engineer Brigade "Integrity and Initiative"

225th Engineer Brigade "Confectio"

372nd Engineer Brigade "Engineering Leadership"

411th Engineer Brigade "Plan Build Protect"

420th Engineer Brigade "Success-our Blueprint"

555th Engineer Brigade "Willing and Able"

926th Engineer Brigade "Our Mission Above All"

1st Engineer Battalion

2nd Engineer Battalion

3rd Engineer Battalion

4th Engineer Battalion "Volens Et Potens" (Willing and Able)

5th Engineer Battalion "Courage Skill Strength"

6th Engineer Battalion "Clairs Chenes N'oubliez Jamais"

8th Engineer Battalion

9th Engineer Battalion "Asistiremos" (We Will Assist)

11th Engineer Battalion

12th Engineer Battalion "Id Perficiemus" (We Shall Consummate the Task)

13th Engineer Battalion

14th Engineer Battalion "Gong Mu Ro"

15th Engineer Battalion

16th Engineer Battalion "Semper Ultimo" (Always on Top)

17th Armored Engineer Battalion "We Pave the Way"

18th Engineer Battalion "Honor Courage Glory"

19th Engineer Battalion "Acutum Acumen"

20th Engineer Battalion "Condite et Pugnate"

21st Engineer Battalion

22nd Engineer Battalion "Tout Pour Le Droit"

23rd Engineer Battalion

24th Engineer Battalion

25th Engineer Battalion

26th Engineer Battalion "Way of the Victors"

29th Engineer Battalion

30th Engineer Battalion "Imprimis"

31st Engineer Battalion "Demonstramus"

32nd Engineer Battalion "Viet Armis"

34th Engineer Battalion "Defend and Build"

35th Engineer Battalion "Capability Courage Results"

37th Engineer Battalion "Fortuna Infortuna Forti Una"

40th Engineer Battalion "Constructio et Destructio"

39th Engineer Battalion "Fight, Build And Destroy"

41st Engineer Battalion "Vigor et Valor"

42nd Engineer Battalion "Ingenio Nostro Movent"

42nd Engineer Battalion "Power for Service"

44th Engineer Battalion "Builders of Freedom"

45th Engineer Battalion "We Advance"

46th Engineer Battalion "Steel Spike"

47th Engineer Battalion "Ingenium Superat Vires"

48th Engineer Battalion "Open the Way"

49th Engineer Battalion

51st Engineer Battalion "Stopped by Nothing"

52nd Engineer Battalion "Nous Servons"

54th Brigade Engineer Battalion

55th Engineer Battalion "Wisdom Courage Strength"

62nd Engineer Battalion "Malleis Milito"

63rd Engineer Battalion "Non Sine Industria"

64th Engineer Battalion

65th Engineer Battalion "First In- Last Out"

69th Engineer Battalion "Builders for Peace"

70th Engineer Battalion "Valeur-ingenuite"

74th Engineer Battalion

75th Engineer Battalion

76th Engineer Battalion "Laborare est Vincere"

77th Engineer Battalion "Loyalty and Service"

78th Engineer Battalion "Sedulitate"

79th Engineer Battalion "Fait Accompli"

80th Engineer Battalion "Water is Life"

82nd Engineer Battalion "Strength and Courage"

83rd Engineer Battalion "Assigne Accomplirons"

84th Engineer Battalion "Never Daunted"

85th Engineer Battalion "No River too Swift"

86th Engineer Battalion

87th Engineer Battalion "Lay Hold"

88th Engineer Battalion "Give Way"

91st Engineer Battalion "Acts Not Words"

92nd Engineer Battalion "Gloria ad Caput Venire" (Glory in Achievement)

93rd Engineer Battalion "Build with Pride"

94th Engineer Battalion "Cohortibus Auxilia"

95th Engineer Battalion "Strive to Excel"

96th Engineer Battalion "Ecce Signum" (Behold the Sign)

97th Engineer Battalion "No Task Too Great"

101st Engineer Battalion "Tenax Propositi" (Tenacious of Purpose)

103rd Engineer Battalion "Paratus" (Prepared)

1113th Engineer Battalion "Service and Fidelity"

121st Engineer Battalion "Praevius" (Lead the Way)

130th Engineer Battalion "Skill and Strength"

132nd Engineer Battalion "Nunc et Semper" (Now and Always)

133rd Engineer Battalion "To the Last Man"

169th Engineer Battalion "Mind and Hand"

203rd Engineer Battalion "Don't Kick Our Dog"

204th Engineer Battalion "Build Defend Overcome"

249th Engineer Battalion "Build, Support, Sustain" (Black Lions)

276th Engineer Battalion "Liberty or Death"

321st Engineer Battalion "Semper Tentare" (Always Try)

397th Engineer Battalion "Essayons Tout De Suite"

841st Engineer Battalion "Build Maintain Defend"

864th Engineer Battalion "Aliquid Expectavit" (Anything Expected) (Pacemakers)

878th Engineer Brigade "Building for Freedom"

1092nd Engineer Battalion "Nihil Tam Dificile" (Nothing too difficult)

Field Artillery[edit]

56th Field Artillery Command "Quick, Reliable, Accurate"

III Corps Artillery "Strike for Freedom"

1st Infantry Division Artillery "Drumfire"

1st Cavalry Division Artillery "Red Team"

3rd Infantry Division Artillery "Fulfill your Mission"

8th Infantry Division Artillery

10th Mountain Division Artillery

82nd Airborne Division
82nd Airborne Division
Artillery "Mass the Fire"

101st Airborne Division
101st Airborne Division
Artillery "De Nubibus" (From the Clouds)

5th United States Army
United States Army
Artillery Group "First to Battle"

17th Fires Brigade

18th Fires Brigade

41st Fires Brigade

45th Fires Brigade "Pride, Valor, Excellence"

56th Field Artillery Brigade "Quick, Reliable, Accurate"

65th Fires Brigade "America's Thunder"

72nd Field Artillery Brigade

75th Field Artillery Brigade

138th Fires Brigade "Ready in Peace and War"

169th Fires Brigade "Lenti Sumus"

197th Fires Brigade "Live Free or Die"

210th Fires Brigade

212th Fires Brigade

214th Fires Brigade "Naturally we lead"

18th Artillery Group

294th Artillery Group "Inveniam Viam Aut Feciam"

402nd Field Artillery Brigade

479th Field Artillery Brigade "Dependable Support"

512th United States Army
United States Army
Artillery Group "Valor Above All"

514th Artillery Group "Protect and Provide"

548th Artillery Group "Reliable and Relentless"

552nd Artillery Group "Mission and Teamwork"

557th United States Army
United States Army
Artillery Group "Nihil Obstat" (Nothing Stands in the Way)

558th Artillery Group "Honor Guides our Power"

570th United States Army
United States Army
Artillery Group "The Professionals"

1st Field Artillery Regiment "Primus Aut Nullus" (First or Not at All)

2nd Field Artillery Regiment "The Second First"

3rd Field Artillery Regiment "Celeritas et Accuratio" (Speed and Accuracy)

4th Field Artillery Regiment "Nulla Vestigia Retrorsum" (No Step Backward)

5th Field Artillery Regiment "Faithful and True"

6th Field Artillery Regiment "Celer et Audax" (Swift and Bold)

7th Field Artillery Regiment "Nunquam Aerumna Nec Proelio Fractum" (Never Broken by Hardship or Battle)

8th Field Artillery Regiment "Audacieux et Tenace" (Daring and Tenacious)

9th Field Artillery Regiment "Kulia-i-ka-nuu" (Strive to Reach the Summit)

10th Field Artillery Regiment

11th Field Artillery Regiment "On Time"

12th Field Artillery Regiment "Nec Temere Nec Timide" (Neither Rashly Nor Timidly)

13th Field Artillery Regiment "Without Fear, Favor or the Hope of Reward"

14th Field Artillery Regiment "Ex Hoc Signo Victoria" (Victory By This Sign)

15th Field Artillery Regiment "ALLONS!" (Let's Go)

16th Field Artillery Regiment "Macte Nova Virtute" (Go Forth With New Strength)

17th Field Artillery Regiment "In Time of Peace Prepare For War"

18th Field Artillery Regiment "Per Aspera Ad Astra" (Through Difficulties to the Stars)

19th Field Artillery Regiment "Per Scintillam Flamma" (Through The Spark, The Flame)

21st Field Artillery Regiment "Progressi Sunt" (They Have Advanced)

22nd Field Artillery Regiment "Labore et Honore" (With Industry and Honor

24th Field Artillery Regiment "Crescit sub pondere Virtus" (Virtue increases under a load)

25th Field Artillery Regiment "Tace Et Face" (Be Silent and Act)

26th Field Artillery Regiment "Courage and Action"

27th Field Artillery Regiment "Conjuncti Stamus" (United We Stand)

28th Field Artillery Regiment "We Support the Line"

29th Field Artillery Regiment "Fidelis et Verus" (Faithful and True)

30th Field Artillery Regiment "Striving To The Highest"

31st Field Artillery Regiment "In Periculo, Nos Jubete" (When in Danger, Command Us)

32nd Field Artillery Regiment "Proud Americans"

33rd Field Artillery Regiment "Servabo Fidem" (I Will Keep Faith)

34th Field Artillery Regiment "We Support"

35th Field Artillery Regiment "En Avant Toujours" (Forward Always)

36th Field Artillery Regiment "In Order"

37th Field Artillery Regiment "On the Minute"

38th Field Artillery Regiment "Steel Behind the Rock"

39th Field Artillery Regiment "Celeritas In Conficiendo" (Speed in Action)

40th Field Artillery Regiment "All for One"

41st Field Artillery Regiment "Mission Accomplished"

42nd Field Artillery Regiment "Festina Lente" (Make Haste Slowly)

73rd Field Artillery Regiment "Speed and Power Always"

75th Field Artillery Regiment "Paratus Facere" (Prepared To Do)

76th Field Artillery Regiment "Duty The Spirit of 76"

77th Field Artillery Regiment "En Garde" (On Guard)

78th Field Artillery Regiment "Semel Et Simul" (At Once and Together)

79th Field Artillery Regiment "Our Country – Our Regiment"

80th Field Artillery

81st Field Artillery Regiment "Libertas Justitia Humanitas"

82nd Field Artillery Regiment "Can and Will"

84th Field Artillery Regiment "Performance Above All"

92nd Field Artillery Regiment "Brave Cannons"

94th Field Artillery Regiment "Flexible"

101st Field Artillery Regiment "Vincere et Vivere"

103rd Field Artillery Regiment "Play the game"

107th Field Artillery Regiment "Gettysburg to the Marne"

108th Field Artillery Regiment "Non Sibi - Sed Patriae" (Not Self - But Country)

109th Field Artillery Regiment "En Avant" (Forward)

113th Field Artillery Regiment

118th Field Artillery Regiment "Nescit Cedere"

119th Field Artillery Regiment "Viam Praeparamus"

123rd Field Artillery Regiment "Parati et Volentes"

131st Field Artillery Regiment "We Play the Game"

134th Field Artillery Regiment "Fides et Audax"

141st Field Artillery Regiment "Try Us"

142nd Field Artillery Regiment "Try To Stop Us"

143rd Field Artillery Regiment "Facta Non Verba" (Deeds Not Words)

144th Field Artillery Regiment "Contendimus" (We Strive)

145th Field Artillery Regiment "Pro Deo" (For God and Country)

157th Field Artillery Regiment "Eager for Duty"

160th Field Artillery Regiment "Toujours En Avant" (Always Forward)

161st Field Artillery Regiment "Faire Sans Dire" (To Do Without Saying)

178th Field Artillery Regiment "Tried and True"

182nd Field Artillery Regiment "Might if Right"

192nd Field Artillery "Skill and Force"

194th Field Artillery

197th Field Artillery Regiment "A Bas L'avion" (Down with the Plane)

201st Field Artillery Regiment "Yes Sir"

206th Field Artillery Regiment "Never Give Up"

214th Field Artillery Regiment "We hear and strike"

216th Field Artillery "Ami De Mouvement"

222nd Field Artillery Regiment

258th Field Artillery Regiment "Paratus et Fidelis" (Ready And Faithful)

319th Field Artillery Regiment "Loyalty"

320th Field Artillery Regiment "Volens et Potens" (Willing and Able)

321st Field Artillery Regiment "Noli Me Tangere" (Don’t Tread On Me)

333rd Field Artillery Regiment "Three Rounds"

377th Field Artillery Regiment "Firmiter Et Fideliter" (Steadfastly and Faithfully)

376th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion "Look Out Below"

674th Airborne Field Artillery Battalion "Thunder From Above"

907th Glider Field Artillery Battalion "We Will We Can"

Rocket Battery, 1st Field Artillery "Ace in the Hole"

Rocket Battery, 3rd Field Artillery "Power for Peace"

Rocket Battery, 7th Field Artillery "Flaming Fury"


1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division "Devils"

2nd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division (formerly 2nd Infantry Brigade)

11th Infantry Brigade "Swift and True"

45th Infantry Brigade "Semper Anticus" (Always Forward

56th Infantry Brigade

58th Infantry Brigade "Maryland 400"

67th Infantry Brigade

72nd Infantry Brigade

79th Infantry Brigade "Dominate the Fight"

86th Infantry Brigade Combat Team "Ready to Go"

92nd Infantry Brigade "A Lo Que Vinimos"

120th Infantry Brigade "Our Outfits in the Fight"

157th Infantry Brigade "Vigilance and Valor"

158th Infantry Brigade "One Standard"

162nd Infantry Brigade "Omne Vir Tigris" (Every Man a Tiger)

170th Infantry Brigade "Strength, Honor, Discipline"

172nd Infantry Brigade "Caveat" (Beware)

181st Infantry Brigade "Docere Bellum Et Pax Pacis" (To Win War and Peace)

188th Infantry Brigade "Procinctus" (Ready for Battle)

189th Infantry Brigade "Swift and Lethal"

191st Infantry Brigade "Vigilante Sails"

193rd Infantry Brigade "No Ground to Give"

196th Infantry Brigade "Ahead of the Rest"

197th Infantry Brigade "Forever Forward"

19th Infantry Brigade "Brave and Bold"

199th Infantry Brigade "Light Swift Accurate"

205th Infantry Brigade "Star of the North"

256th Infantry Brigade "Honor Our Heritage"

1st Infantry Regiment "Semper Primus" (Always First)

1st Filipino Infantry Regiment "Laging Una" (Always First)

2nd Infantry Regiment "Noli Me Tangere" (Do Not Touch Me)

3rd Infantry Regiment "Noli Me Tangere" (Don't Touch Me)

4th Infantry Regiment "Noli Me Tangere" (Don't Tread on Me)

5th Infantry Regiment "I'll Try, Sir"

6th Infantry Regiment "Unity is Strength"

7th Infantry Regiment "Volens et Potens" (Willing and Able)

8th Infantry Regiment "Patriae Fidelitas" (Loyalty to Country)

9th Infantry Regiment "Keep Up The Fire!"

10th Infantry Regiment "Courage and Fidelity"

11th Infantry Regiment "Semper fidelis" (Always Faithful)

12th Infantry Regiment "Ducti Amore Patriae" (Led By Love of Country)

13th Infantry Regiment "Forty Rounds"

14th Infantry Regiment "The Right of the Line"

15th Infantry Regiment "Can Do"

16th Infantry Regiment "Semper Paratus" (Always Ready)

17th Infantry Regiment "Truth and Courage"

18th Infantry Regiment "In Omnia Paratus" (Prepared For All Things)

19th Infantry Regiment "Rock Steady, Rock Force"

20th Infantry Regiment "Tant Que Je Puis" (That As I Can)

21st Infantry Regiment "Gimlet"

22nd Infantry Regiment "Deeds, Not Words"

23rd Infantry Regiment "We Serve"

24th Infantry Regiment "Semper Paratus" (Always Prepared)

25th Infantry Regiment "Onward"

26th Infantry Regiment "Blue Spaders"

27th Infantry Regiment "Nec aspera terrent" (Fear no Difficulties)

28th Infantry Regiment "Vincit amor patriae" (Love of Country Conquers)

30th Infantry Regiment "Our Country Not Ourselves"

31st Infantry Regiment "Pro Patria" (For the Country)

32nd Infantry Regiment "The Queen's Own" Against all Odds

33rd Infantry Regiment "Ridentes Venimus" (Smiling We Come)

34th Infantry Regiment "Toujours en Avant" (Always Forward)

35th Infantry Regiment "Cacti"

36th Infantry Regiment "Deeds Not Words"

37th Infantry Regiment "For Freedom"

38th Infantry Regiment "Rock of the Marne"

39th Infantry Regiment "D'une Vaillance Admirable" ("With A Military
Courage Worthy of Admiration")

40th Infantry Regiment

41st Infantry Regiment " Straight and Stalwart"

42nd Infantry Regiment

43rd Infantry Regiment

44th Infantry Regiment

45th Infantry Regiment "Strong To Endure"

46th Infantry Regiment "Victory’s Point"

47th Infantry Regiment "Ex Virtute Honos" (Honor Comes From Virtue)

48th Infantry Regiment "Dragoons"

50th Infantry Regiment "Play the Game"

51st Infantry Regiment "I Serve"

52nd Infantry Regiment "Fortis Et Certus" (Brave and True) "Ready Rifles"

53rd Infantry Regiment "Courage Sans Peur" ("Courage Without Fear")

54th Infantry Regiment "I will cast my shoe over it"

56th Infantry Regiment "Honor, Loyalty"

57th Infantry Regiment "Anywhere, Anytime"

58th Infantry Regiment "Love of Country"

59th Infantry Regiment "Let 'em Have It"

60th Infantry Regiment "To the Utmost Extent of Our Power"

61st Infantry Regiment "The Best lead the Rest"

63rd Infantry Regiment

65th Infantry Regiment "Honor and Fidelity"

66th Infantry Regiment "Semper in Hostes" (Always into the enemy)

67th Infantry Regiment

68th Infantry Regiment "Ventre a Terre" (With Great Speed))

69th Infantry Regiment "Conjunctis Viribus" ("With united powers")

69th Infantry Regiment "Gentle When Stroked; Fierce when Provoked"

74th Infantry Regiment "Audax et Fortis ("Bold and Brave")

75th Ranger Regiment "Sua Sponte" (Of their own accord)

80th Infantry Regiment "Nunc Ut Olim"

85th Infantry Regiment "Fix Bayonets"

86th Infantry Regiment "Courage and Dependability"

87th Infantry Regiment "Vires Montesque Vincimus" ("We Conquer Power and Mountains")

88th Infantry Regiment "Ride the Storm"

101st Infantry Regiment "Semper Paratus" ("Always Ready")

102nd Infantry Regiment "Stand Forth"

103rd Infantry Regiment "To the Last Man"

104th Infantry Regiment "Fortitude et Courage" ("Foritude and Courage")

105th Infantry Regiment

106th Infantry Regiment "Fidelis et Constans" ("Faithful and Constant")

107th Infantry Regiment "Pro Patria et Gloria" ("For Country and Glory")

108th Infantry Regiment "Virtue non-Verbis" (By Valor Not Words)

109th Infantry Regiment "Cives Arma Ferant" (Let the Citizens Bear Arms)

110th Infantry Regiment "Cuiusque Devotio est Vis Regimenti" (The Devotion of Each is the Strength of the Regiment)

111th Infantry Regiment "Nulla Vestigia Retrorsum" (No Steps Backward)

112th Infantry Regiment "Strive, Obey, Endure"

113th Infantry Regiment "Fidelis et Fortis" (Faithful and Brave)

114th Infantry Regiment "In Omnia Paratus" (Prepared In All Things)

115th Infantry Regiment "Rally Round the Flag"

116th Infantry Regiment "Ever Forward"

117th Infantry Regiment "Break Through"

118th Infantry Regiment "Wherever My Country Calls"

119th Infantry Regiment "Undaunted"

120th Infantry Regiment "Virtus Incendit Vires" (Virtues Kindle Strength)

121st Infantry Regiment "Faciendum Est" (It Shall Be Done)

121st Infantry Regiment "Faciendum Est" (It Shall Be Done)

122nd Infantry Regiment "Sentinel of Freedom"

123rd Infantry Regiment "1, 2, 3, Go"

124th Infantry Regiment "Florida and Country"

125th Infantry Regiment "Yield to None"

126th Infantry Regiment "Courage Sans Peur" (Courage Without Fear)

127th Infantry Regiment "Les Terribles" (The Terrible)

128th Infantry Regiment "Les Terribles" (The Terrible)

129th Infantry Regiment "Pro Maiore Securitate" (For Greater Security)

130th Infantry Regiment "Always Ready"

131st Infantry Regiment "Ducit Amor Patriae" (Led By Love of Country)

132nd Infantry Regiment "Semper Paratus" (Ever Ready)

133rd Infantry Regiment "Avauncez" (Advance)

134th Infantry Regiment "Lah We Lah His" (The Strong, The Brave)

135th Infantry Regiment "To the Last Man"

136th Infantry Regiment "Rex Montis" (King of the Hill)

137th Infantry Regiment "Valor for Service"

138th Infantry Regiment "St. Louis' Own"

139th Infantry Regiment "First, Furthest, Last"

140th Infantry Regiment "Siempre Listo" (Ever Ready)

141st Infantry Regiment "Remember the Alamo"

142nd Infantry Regiment "I'll Face You"

143rd Infantry Regiment "Arms Secure Peace"

144th Infantry Regiment "Par Oneri" (Equal To The Task)

145th Infantry Regiment

147th Infantry Regiment "Cargoneek Guyoxim"

148th Infantry Regiment "We'll Do It"

149th Infantry Regiment "Assign us the Mission"

151st Infantry Regiment "Wide Awake Wide Awake"

152nd Infantry Regiment "Fit to Fight"

153rd Infantry Regiment "Let's Go"

154th Infantry Regiment "Firm to my Trust"

155th Infantry Regiment "Stand Fast"

156th Infantry Regiment "Dieu Et Moi" (God and Me)

157th Infantry Regiment "Eager for Duty"

158th Infantry Regiment "Cuidado"

159th Infantry Regiment "Unity for Service"

160th Infantry Regiment "Habeant" (Strike)[5]

161st Infantry Regiment "First In War – First In Peace"

162nd Infantry Regiment "First to Assemble"

163rd Infantry Regiment "Men, Do Your Duty"

164th Infantry Regiment "JE SUIS PRET" (I Am Ready)

165th Infantry Regiment "Gentle When Stroked; Fierce when Provoked")

167th Infantry Regiment "Signa Inferemus"

168th Infantry Regiment "On Guard"

169th Infantry Regiment "Armis Stant Leges"

172nd Infantry Regiment "Ascend to Victory"

175th Infantry Regiment "Decus et Praesidium" (An Honour and a Guard)

178th Infantry Regiment "One Country- One Flag"

179th Infantry Regiment "In Omnia Paratus" (In All Things Prepared)

180th Infantry Regiment "TANAP-NANAIYA KIA ALHTAIYAHA" (Ready in War Or Peace)

181st Infantry Regiment "Keep Your Powder Dry"

182nd Infantry Regiment "Avitos Juvamus Honores" (We Uphold Our Ancient Honors

184th Infantry Regiment "Let's Go!"

185th Infantry Regiment "Nunquam Non Paratus" (Never unprepared)

186th Infantry Regiment "Custodes Portae Occidents" (Guardians of the Western Gates)

187th Infantry Regiment "Ne Desit Virtus" (Let Valor Not Fail)

188th Infantry Regiment "Winged Attack"

196th Infantry Regiment "Nunc et Semper" (Now and Always)

195th Infantry Regiment "Take and Hold"

199th Infantry Regiment "Nous Sommes Pret"

200th Infantry Regiment "Pro Civitate et Patria" (For State and Country)

200th Infantry Regiment "Crede et Vince"

200th Infantry Regiment "Intrepid Deeds"

211th Infantry Regiment "Paroneri"

218th Infantry Regiment "Constans Animis"

220th Infantry Regiment "Monstrat Viam" (It Points the Way)

223rd Infantry Regiment "Siempre Adelante" (Always Forward)

224th Infantry Regiment "Perseverentia Triumphat" (Perseverance Triumphs)

249th Infantry Regiment "Destroy in Depth"

274th Infantry Regiment "L'Avant Guard"

279th Infantry Regiment "Movin' On"

289th Infantry Regiment "Vincere Aut Mori" (To Conquer or To Die)

290th Infantry Regiment "Prepared Professionals"

291st Infantry Regiment "Altaha Abilia" (Always Ready)

295th Infantry Regiment "Todo Por La Patria"

296th Infantry Regiment "Alerta Esta"

297th Infantry Regiment "Yuh Yek"

298th Infantry Regiment "Makaukau Kakou"

299th Infantry Regiment "E Maka'ala Kakou" (Let's Be Alert)

304th Infantry Regiment "Forward"

305th Infantry Regiment

307th Infantry Regiment "Clear the Way"

309th Infantry Regiment "Esse Quam Videri"

310th Infantry Regiment "Allons Mes Enfants" (Forward My Children)

311th Infantry Regiment "Jamais Trop Tard"

312nd Infantry Regiment "Au Feu Toujours"

313th Infantry Regiment "Virtute et Fide"

314th Infantry Regiment "Fortitude and Courage"

315th Infantry Regiment "Qui me tangit paenitebit" (He who touches me will repent)

317th Infantry Regiment "Armis et Animis"

318th Infantry Regiment "Old Virginia Never Tires"

319th Infantry Regiment "Volens et Potens"

320th Infantry Regiment "Forward"

321st Infantry Regiment "En Avant"

322nd Infantry Regiment "Excelsior"

323rd Infantry Regiment "Le Bon Vouloir Servir Le Pays"

325th Infantry Regiment "Lets Go"

326th Infantry Regiment "Aspera Juvant" (Difficult Delight)

327th Infantry Regiment "Honor and Country

329th Infantry "Guardons" (We Guard)

330th Infantry Regiment "Versus Ad Finem"

331st Infantry Regiment "See it Through"

333rd Infantry Regiment "The Citizen in Arms"

334th Infantry Regiment "Fortes Fortuna Juvat"

335th Infantry Regiment "A Fin"

337th Infantry "Vis Et Virtus" (Strength and Courage)

338th Infantry Regiment "Marchons" (March On)

339th Infantry Regiment "Shtuk Ryshayet" (We Finish With The Bayonet)

340th Infantry Regiment "Forward"

345th Infantry Regiment

346th Infantry Regiment "Semper et Ubique Fidelis"

347th Infantry Regiment "Dare your Best"

348th Infantry Regiment "AnLI yamohmikma KAMASSA" (Sincerity and Strength)

349th Infantry Regiment "Liberty and Rights"

350th Infantry Regiment "Fidelity and Service"

351st Infantry Regiment "Toujours Prêt" (Always Ready)

353rd Infantry Regiment

354th Infantry Regiment

355th Infantry Regiment "Fidem Praestabimus" (We will keep the faith)

356th Infantry Regiment "Boutez en Avant" (Push Forward)

357th Infantry Regiment "Siempre Alerta" (Always Alert)

358th Infantry Regiment "Peragimus"

359th Infantry Regiment "Carry On"

360th Infantry Regiment "Toujours Fidele"

361st Infantry Regiment "Ducit Amor Patriae" (Led by Love of Country)

362nd Infantry Regiment "Arma Tuentur Pacem" (Arms maintain peace)

363rd Infantry Regiment "We Do"

369th Infantry Regiment "Harlem Hellfighters"

371st Infantry Regiment "Attack"

378th Infantry Regiment "Hikia Kallo"

379th Infantry Regiment "Ad Finem"

382nd Infantry Regiment "We Lead"

383rd Infantry Regiment "Dependable"

385th Infantry Regiment "Follow Me"

389th Infantry Regiment "We Will Try"

392nd Infantry Regiment "Pace et Bello Paratus"

393rd Infantry Regiment "Patriotic Service"

394th Infantry Regiment "Audax et Cautus" (Bold And Wary)

395th Infantry Regiment "Vigilans et Celer"

401st Glider Infantry Regiment "Lions of the Skies"

405th Infantry Regiment "Up Front"

406th Infantry Regiment "To the Front"

407th Infantry Regiment "Aux Arcs"

410th Infantry Regiment "Super Ardua Surgo"

411th Infantry Regiment "Paratus Ferire" (Ready to Strike)

414th Infantry "Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum" (If You Wish Peace, Prepare For War)

420th Infantry Regiment "Ubique Impavidi" (In All Things Undaunted)

425th Infantry Regiment "Around the World Unseen"

442nd Infantry Regiment "Go for Broke"

501st Parachute Infantry Regiment "Geronimo"

502nd Infantry Regiment "Strike"

503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment "The Rock"

504th Parachute Infantry Regiment "Strike Hold"

505th Parachute Infantry Regiment "H-Minus"

506th Infantry Regiment "Currahee"

507th Parachute Infantry Regiment

508th Infantry Regiment

509th Parachute Infantry Regiment "All the Way"

511th Parachute Infantry Regiment "Strength from Above"

515th Infantry Regiment "Adelante"

519th Infantry Regiment "Forward"

550th Airborne Infantry Regiment "A Bolt from the Blue"

12th Armored Infantry Battalion

17th Armored Infantry Battalion "Delenda Est Mal" "Evil Must Be Defeated"

41st Armored Infantry Battalion "Straight and Stalwart"

42nd Armored Infantry Battalion "Forward with Fire and Steel"

43rd Armored Infantry Battalion "Above and Beyond"

66th Armored Infantry Battalion

Information Operations[edit]

1st Information Operations Command (Land)

151st Theater Information Operations Group "Non Memor"

152nd Theater Information Operations Group "Praestantia Indicii"

Maneuver enhancement[edit]

1st Maneuver Enhancement Brigade "Guardian Brigade"

3rd Maneuver Enhancement Brigade "Resolve, Protection, Strength"

4th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade "Dauntless"

26th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade

67th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade

92nd Maneuver Enhancement Brigade "A Lo Que Vinimos" (What we came for)

149th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade "Never Defeated"

157th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade "Iron Brigade"

404th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade "Dragons in Support"

Medical and veterinary[edit]

3rd Medical Command "Front Line Surgeons"

807th Medical Command "Dedicated to Health"

1st Medical Brigade "Fortitude and Compassion"

5th Medical Brigade "Leadership and Service"

8th Medical Brigade "Strength through Health"

44th Medical Brigade

62nd Medical Brigade "Proud and Steadfast"

139th Medical Brigade "Valor and Worth"

176th Medical Brigade "To Serve Proudly"

10th Combat Support Hospital "In Cruce Vincam" (I Shall Conquer By The Cross)

14th Combat Support Hospital "First to Care"

15th Medical Battalion

28th Combat Support Hospital "Service Through Mobility"

48th Armored Medical Battalion "Humanity Marshalled"

108th Medical Battalion

115th Combat Support Hospital "Evacuare" (Evacuate)

343rd Evacuation Hospital "Best of the Best"

Brooke Army
Medical Center "Dedication Duty Service"

Carl R. Darnall Army
Medical Center "Care and Concern"

Dwight D. Eisenhower Army
Medical Center "Dignity Dedication Honor"

Guthrie Ambulatory Health Care Clinic

Ireland Army
Community Hospital "Because we care"

Kenner Army
Health Clinic "Medicine Service Health"

Kirk General Hospital "Your Health is our Goal"

Landstuhl Regional Medical Center "Selfless Service"

Madigan Army
Medical Center "Care With Compassion"

McDonald Army
Health Center "Medicine in Motion"

Walter Reed National Military
Medical Center, U.S. Army
Element[6] "Scientia Inter Arma Spiritus" (In the Spirit of Science and Arms)

Tripler Army
Medical Center

William Beaumont Army
Medical Center "First to Care"

Womack Army
Medical Center


66th Military
Intelligence Brigade "Honor Valor and Security"

116th Military
Intelligence Brigade

205th Military
Intelligence Brigade "Vanguard of Vigilance"

259th Military
Intelligence Brigade

300th Military
Intelligence Brigade "Excellence in Language"

336th Military
Intelligence Brigade

470th Military
Intelligence Brigade "Truth Security Loyalty"

500th Military
Intelligence Brigade "Scientia Potentia Est"

501st Military
Intelligence Brigade "Red Dragons"

505th Military
Intelligence Brigade

513th Military
Intelligence Brigade "Per Vigilantiam Scientia"

704th Military
Intelligence Brigade "Here and Everywhere"

780th Military
Intelligence Brigade "Ubique et Semper in Pugna"

1st Military
Intelligence Battalion "Informare Laboramus"

2nd Military
Intelligence Battalion "Oculi Cultus Secreti" (The Eyes of Intelligence)

3rd Military
Intelligence Battalion "Winged Vigilance"

15th Military
Intelligence Battalion "Vigilantia Ad Finem" (Vigilant to the End)

18th Military
Intelligence Battalion "Collection for Defense"

24th Military
Intelligence Battalion "Our Eyes Support"

109th Military
Intelligence Battalion "The Disruptors"

141st Military
Intelligence Battalion "Strength through Knowledge"

142nd Military
Intelligence Battalion "Into all the World"

163rd Military
Intelligence Battalion "Knowledge is Power"

165th Military
Intelligence Battalion "Pride Quality Success"

201st Military
Intelligence Battalion "Accurate Fast All Source"

203rd Military
Intelligence Battalion

204th Military
Intelligence Battalion "Silently We Defend"

205th Military
Intelligence Battalion "Pacific Vigilance"

223rd Military
Intelligence Battalion "Insight through Inquiry"

224th Military
Intelligence Battalion "Vigilance Above"

250th Military
Intelligence Battalion "Knowledge Power Freedom"

260th Military
Intelligence Battalion "Intelligentia Et Veritas"

301st Military
Intelligence Battalion "The Force Multiplier"

302nd Military
Intelligence Battalion "Sly Fox"

303rd Military
Intelligence Battalion "Primi Noscere"

305th Military
Intelligence Battalion

308th Military
Intelligence Battalion "Guardians of America"

309th Military
Intelligence Battalion

310th Military
Intelligence Battalion "Arrectis Auribus"

321st Military
Intelligence Battalion

323rd Military
Intelligence Battalion "Collect Exploit"

325th Military
Intelligence Battalion

338th Military
Intelligence Battalion "Inveni Et Usurpa"

341st Military
Intelligence Battalion "Vigilantia Et Valor"

344th Military
Intelligence Battalion

345th Military
Intelligence Battalion

368th Military
Intelligence Battalion "Vanguard of the Pacific"

377th Military
Intelligence Battalion

383rd Military
Intelligence Battalion

415th Military
Intelligence Battalion "Passe Partout"

502nd Military
Intelligence Battalion "Freedom by Vigilance"

511th Military
Intelligence Battalion "Ever Supportive"

524th Military
Intelligence Battalion "Silent Vigilance"

532nd Military
Intelligence Battalion "Nosce Hostem"

549th Military
Intelligence Battalion

636th Military
Intelligence Battalion "Lone Star Vigilance"

709th Military
Intelligence Battalion "Fortis Et Vigilio"

719th Military
Intelligence Battalion "Strive for Excellence"

741st Military
Intelligence Battalion "Primoris Scio"

742nd Military
Intelligence Battalion "Might Through Vigilance"

743rd Military
Intelligence Battalion "Beyond all boundaries"

781st Military
Intelligence Battalion "Ubi Ceteri Non Possunt"


Corrections Command "Vanguards of Justice"

46th Military
Police Command "Securing Freedom Worldwide"

200th Military
Police Command "Commanding the Best"

2nd Military
Police Group "Pride with Honor"

11th Military
Police Brigade "Command Plan and Control"

14th Military
Police Group "We Give our Best"

42nd Military
Police Group "Integrity of Action"

15th Military
Police Brigade "Duty Justice and Loyalty"

16th Military
Police Brigade "Combat Support"

18th Military
Police Brigade "Ever Vigilant"

42nd Military
Police Brigade "Integrity of Action"

43rd Military
Police Brigade "Protect the Right"

49th Military
Police Brigade "Pride and Power"

89th Military
Police Brigade "Proven in Battle"

177th Military
Police Brigade "Protect Defend Preserve"

220th Military
Police Brigade "Support by Doing"

290th Military
Police Brigade "Custody with Honor"

5th Military
Police Battalion (CID) "Professional Always"

10th Military
Police Battalion (CID) "Justice from Above"

11th Military
Police Battalion (CID) "Strength through Truth"

19th Military
Police Battalion (CID) "Truth is our Sword"

22nd Military
Police Battalion (CID) "Integrity above All"

91st Military
Police Battalion "Honor Above All"

92nd Military
Police Battalion "Hold the Gate"

93d Military
Police Battalion

94th Military
Police Battalion "When in Need"

95th Military
Police Battalion "Superstars"

96th Military
Police Battalion "Unity is our Strength"

97th Military
Police Battalion "Take Charge"

102nd Military
Police Battalion "Honor Pro Militisus"

104th Military
Police Battalion "Vanguards of the Empire"

117th Military
Police Battalion "Our History, Our Strength"

160th Military
Police Battalion "Honorem Restituimus"

168th Military
Police Battalion "Serving Those Who Serve"

175th Military
Police Battalion "Fidelitas Virtus Stabilitas"

185th Military
Police Battalion "Forged from Freedom"

192nd Military
Police Battalion "Skill and Force"

211th Military
Police Battalion "Monstrat Viam" (It Points the Way)

304th Military
Police Battalion "Comis Sed Fortitur"

317th Military
Police Battalion "Be Just and Fear Not"

327th Military
Police Battalion "Safety and Security"

372nd Military
Police Battalion "We Guard the Peace"

385th Military
Police Battalion "Honor Vigilance Justice"

393rd Military
Police Battalion (CID) "Truth and Justice"

385th Military
Police Battalion "Protect Assist Enforce"

504th Military
Police Battalion "Duty, Justice and Honor"

508th Military
Police Battalion "Sine Praejudicio"

519th Military
Police Battalion "Service to the Troops"

535th Military
Police Battalion "Guard and Defend"

701st Military
Police Battalion "Assist by Example"

709th Military
Police Battalion "Securitas Copiarum"

716th Military
Police Battalion "Lex et Ordo" (Law and Order)

720th Military
Police Battalion "Orderly Regulation"

724th Military
Police Battalion "Honor Commitment Justice"

733rd Military
Police Battalion (CID) "Virtus Integritas Veritas"

728th Military
Police Battalion "In Peace as in War"

759th Military
Police Battalion "Tenez La Porte" (Hold The Gate)

785th Military
Police Battalion "Safeguard and Secure"

787th Military
Police Battalion "Excellence Always"

793rd Military
Police Battalion "Facta cum Honore" (Achievement with Honor)

795th Military
Police Battalion "Send Me"

850th Military
Police Battalion "Veritas Aequitas"


57th Ordnance Brigade "V for Victory"

59th Ordnance Brigade "Power to Spare"

71st Ordnance Group (EOD) "With Distinction and Valor"

3rd Ordnance Battalion "Service, Not Glory"

9th Ordnance Battalion "Support with Strength"

55th Maintenance Battalion "Victory Through Support"

55th Maintenance Battalion "Complete Support"

63rd Ordnance Battalion(EOD) "Semper Ibi"

72nd Ordnance Battalion "Security and Reliability

83rd Ordnance Battalion "Supporting the Best"

101st Ordnance Battalion

124th Ordnance Battalion "Valere et Servitium"

184th Ordnance Battalion (EOD) "Without Equal"

192nd Ordnance Battalion (EOD) "The Reliable One"

197th Ordnance Battalion

501st Ordnance Battalion (EOD)

724th Ordnance Battalion "Strength in Service"

725th Ordnance Battalion "Service to the Line"

Psychological Operations & Military
Information Support[edit]

2nd Psychological Operations Group "Veritas"

4th Military
Information Support Group "Verbum Vincet" (The Word Will Conquer)

7th Psychological Operations Group "Support by Truth"

8th Military
Information Support Group "Decisive Influence"

10th Psychological Operations Battalion "Potestas Persuasionis"

11th Psychological Operations Battalion "Exploiters"

12th Psychological Operations Battalion "Mutatio Animi"

13th Psychological Operations Battalion "Power of Persuasion"

14th Psychological Operations Battalion

15th Psychological Operations Battalion "Minds Words Deeds"

16th Psychological Operations Battalion "Strength in Truth"

17th Psychological Operations Battalion "Win with Words"


2nd Quartermaster Group "Fuel Line to Victory"

23rd Quartermaster Brigade "The Corps Starts Here"

16th Quartermaster Squadron

56th Quartermaster Battalion "Meet the Need"

61st Quartermaster Battalion "Foundation for Victory"

95th Supply and Services Battalion "Supply the Line"

244th Quartermaster Battalion "Si Non Potestis Possumus"

262nd Quartermaster Battalion "Lifeline to Victory"

266th Quartermaster Battalion "The Providers"

Regional support groups[edit]

10th Regional Support Group "Service through Support"

191st Regional Support Group "Sempre Presente"

208th Regional Support Group

213th Area Support Group "Honor First"

329th Regional Support Group

644th Regional Support Group "Northern Star"

648th Regional Support Group


Joint Communications Unit- Army

1st Signal Brigade "First to Communicate"

2nd Signal Brigade "Excellence"

3rd Signal Brigade "Triple Threat"

7th Signal Brigade "Voice of Freedom"

11th Signal Brigade "Flexibility, Dependability"

15th Signal Brigade "Fideliter Servimus"

35th Signal Brigade "Utmost of our Ability"

93rd Signal Brigade "Loyalty, Harmony, Accuracy"

57th Signal Battalion "Vincimus Spatium"

86th Expeditionary Signal Battalion "First Voice Heard"

160th Signal Brigade "Finest Of The First"

261st Theater Tactical Signal Brigade "Foresee"

516th Signal Brigade "Voice of the Pacific"

1st Signal Battalion "In medias res"

11th Signal Battalion "Sure and Ready"

17th Signal Battalion "Fons Communicationes" (Fountain of Communications)

25th Signal Battalion "Never Unprepared"

30th Signal Battalion "Fortiter et Strenue"

32nd Signal Battalion

35th Signal Battalion "We Carry the Word"

38th Signal Battalion "Signal Ready"

39th Signal Battalion "The Will to Succeed"

52nd Signal Battalion "We Transmit"

54th Signal Battalion "Command Control"

63rd Expeditionary Signal Battalion "Ab Initio" (From the Beginning!)

101st Signal Battalion "Pro Patria Et Unitate" (For Country and Unity)

102nd Signal Battalion "Honor, Heritage, History"

112th Special
Operations Signal Battalion "Penetra Le Tenebre" (Penetrate the Shadows)

115th Signal Battalion "First in Duty"

121st Signal Battalion "To Paron Ey Poiein" (Do well the duty that lies before you)

126th Signal Battalion "Monstrat Viam" (It Points the Way)

141st Signal Battalion "Ense Et Voce" (With Sword and Voice)

198th Signal Battalion "First Regiment of First State"

307th Signal Battalion "Optime Merenti" (Providing the Best)

327th Signal Battalion "Speed and Accuracy"

369th Signal Battalion "Quality All Ways"

509th Signal Battalion "Faciemus Fortius"

551st Signal Battalion "Video et Moneo" (Watch and Warn)


Forces "De Oppresso Liber"

John F. Kennedy Special
Warfare Center and School "Veritas et Libertas" (Truth and Freedom)

US Army
Element, Special
Operations Joint Task Force Afghanistan

troops battalions[edit]

Troops Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division "Live the Legend"

Troops Battalion, 1st Armored Division "Make it Matter"

Troops Battalion, 2nd Infantry Division "Rock Solid, Strike Hard"

Troops Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division "Fortius Quo Unitatis"

Troops Battalion, 4th Infantry Division "Fit for Any Test"

Troops Battalion, 10th Mountain Division "Pervinco Acroceraunia"

Troops Battalion, 25th Infantry Division "Strike with Honor"

Troops Battalion, 28th Infantry Division "Iron Support"

Troops Battalion, 29th Infantry Division "Support and Protect"

Troops Battalion, 34th Infantry Division "Support the Attack"

Troops Battalion, 35th Infantry Division "Lightning Riders"

Troops Battalion, 36th Infantry Division "Support through Service"

Troops Battalion, 38th Infantry Division "Cyclone Warriors"

Troops Battalion, 40th Infantry Division "Sostenga el Combate"

Troops Battalion, 42nd Infantry Division "Never Forget"

Troops Battalion, 82nd Airborne Division "Courage Commitment"

Troops Battalion, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division "Victory through Versatility"

Troops Battalion, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division "Iroquois"

Troops Battalion, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division "Strength, Honor, Diversity"

Troops Battalion, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division "Strength in Honor"

Troops Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division "Point of the Dagger"

Troops Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division "Perstatum Fortitudo Bellatoris"

Troops Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division "Vigor et Dignitas"

Troops Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division "From skies of blue"

Troops Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division "One Strike One Team"

Troops Battalion, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division "Valiant Warriors"

Troops Battalion, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division "Fortitudo et Artis"

Troops Battalion, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division "Firmus Vigilo Validus"

Troops Battalion, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division "Belong to the Warrior"

Troops Battalion, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division "Trained and Ready"

Troops Battalion, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division "Swift Agile and Lethal"

Troops Battalion, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division "Pergite Proelium"

Troops Battalion, 37th Infantry Brigade Combat Team "Bow to None"

troops Battalion, 39th Infantry Brigade Combat Team "Utrinique Paratus"

Troops Battalion, 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team "Audentia et Fortitudo" (Courage and Strength)


1st Sustainment Command (Theater) "First"

2nd Support Command "Excel All"

7th Army
Support Command "Support"

21st Theater Sustainment Command "First in Support"

377th Theater Sustainment Command "Can Do Anytime Anywhere"

19th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) "Mission Flexibility"

103rd Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) "We Succeed"

135th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) "Sustaining Freedom"

143rd Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) "Movement Brings Victory"

8th Infantry Division Trains "Depend on Us"

8th Infantry Division Support Command (DISCOM) "Depend on Us"

1st Support Brigade (Obsolete) "First in Support"

3rd Support Brigade "Totis Viribus"

593rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command "Rest Assured"

1st Sustainment Brigade "Sustain to Victory"

1st Cavalry Division Sustainment Brigade "Wagonmaster Brigade"

3rd Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade "Heart of the Rock"

4th Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade "Hem Perficite (Get it Done)

10th Mountain Division Sustainment Brigade "Supporting the Climb"

15th Sustainment Brigade "Wagonmaster Brigade"

38th Sustainment Brigade "Never Quit"

43rd Sustainment Brigade "Rough Riders"

55th Sustainment Brigade "Sustain the Force, Secure the Victory"

82nd Sustainment Brigade "Supporting Freedom"

89th Sustainment Brigade "Above the Rest"

101st Sustainment Brigade

113th Sustainment Brigade "First Line"

369th Sustainment Brigade

371st Sustainment Brigade

408th Contracting Support Brigade "Conferre ab Confirmatus" (Focused and Determined)

2nd Brigade Support Battalion "Mobile Sum" (We Move)

4th Brigade Support Battalion "Strength Through Support"

13th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion "Strength & Support"

15th Brigade Support Battalion "Gamblers"

17th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion "Ready Reliable Exact"

35th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion "Means to Sustain"

39th Brigade Support Battalion "Support Spirit Success"

40th Brigade Support Battalion "Forward with the Best"

46th Aviation Support Battalion

55th Support Battalion "Complete Support"

64th Brigade Support Battalion "Life Blood of the Army"

68th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion "Wheels of Distinction"

70th Brigade Support Battalion "Vis per Sustentationem"

72nd Brigade Support Battalion "Security and Reliability"

82nd Brigade Support Battalion "Subsidium Sine Qua Non"

87th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion "Base of the Pyramid"

88th Brigade Support Battalion "Give Way"

90th Aviation Support Battalion "Deliver"

100th Brigade Support Battalion "We will support"

101st Brigade Support Battalion "Portons Les Fardeaux" (Let Us Carry The Burdens)

115th Brigade Support Battalion "Prepared in Peace and War"

125th Brigade Support Battalion "Bulldog Support"

141st Brigade Support Battalion "Da Mihi Locum" (Give To Me A Place)

142nd Combat Sustainment Support Battalion "Support for Strength"

147th Brigade Support Battalion "Auxilium Contentibus"

167th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion "Links of Strength"

168th Support Battalion "Pursuit of Excellence"

173rd Brigade Support Battalion "To Our Utmost"

187th Forward Support Battalion "Support with Pride"

188th Brigade Support Battalion

193rd Combat Sustainment Support Battalion "Strength in Diversity"

204th Brigade Support Battalion "Rough Riders"

215th Brigade Support Battalion "No Task too Tough"

225th Brigade Support Battalion "Warrior Support"

230th Brigade Support Battalion "In Support of Hickory"

232nd Combat Sustainment Support Battalion "Satisfy the Need"

237th Brigade Support Battalion "Fidelis et Paratus" (Faithful & Ready)

264th Support Battalion (Combat Sustainment) "Support for Victory"

296th Brigade Support Battalion "Frontline Support"

299th Brigade Support Battalion "On Call to Serve"

327th Brigade Support Battalion "Fidelis et Paratus"

308th Brigade Support Battalion "Pride in Performance"

348th Support Battalion "Vindico Laedo"

391st Support Battalion "Firepower for Landpower"

407th Brigade Support Battalion "Supply is Strength"

412th Aviation Support Battalion "Professionals"

429th Support Battalion

528th Brigade Support Battalion "We Support to the Utmost"

541st Combat Sustainment Support Battalion

563rd Aviation Support Battalion "Keep Them Fighting"

589th Brigade Support Battalion "First with Service"

601st Aviation Support Battalion "Dragon Support"

615th Aviation Support Battalion "Forge the Edge"

626th Brigade Support Battalion "Assurgam"

640th Support Battalion "Forward and Above"

700th Brigade Support Battalion "Tradition Pride Support"

702nd Main Support Battalion "Mend the Broken Sword"

724th Main Support Battalion "Strength in Service"

725th Brigade Support Battalion "Service to the Line"

782nd Brigade Support Battalion "Peritia Cognita"

834th Aviation Support Battalion "Winged Warriors Support"

927th Combat Service Support Battalion "We Support the Force"

935th Aviation Support Battalion "You Move, We Support"

3643rd Brigade Support Battalion "Sustaining Thunder"

1-291st Brigade Support Battalion "Altaha Abilia" (Always Ready)

1-337th Brigade Support Battalion "Vis Et Virtus" (Strength and Courage)

1-351st Infantry Brigade Support Battalion "Toujours Prêt" (Always Ready)

2-356th Logistics Support Battalion "Boutez en Avant" (Push Forward)

2-411th Logistics Support Battalion "Paratus Ferire" (Ready to Strike)


6th Transportation Battalion "The Doers"

7th Transportation Brigade "Resolute"

107th Transportation Brigade "Dedication"

8th Transportation Group "Professionals"

9th Traffic Regulation Group "Ninth Traffic"

10th Transportation Group "Mobility"

37th Transportation Group "Semper Rotans"

49th Transportation Center "We Never Stop"

2nd Military
Railway Service Battalion

4th Transportation Battalion "Driving For Peace"

4th Transportation Battalion (obsolete) "Work War Win"

10th Transportation Battalion " Portal
to Victory"

11th Transportation Battalion "Preparedness and Dependability"

205th Transportation Battalion "Combat Mobility"

24th Transportation Battalion "Trucking Along"

27th Transportation Battalion "Geared to Fit"

28th Transportation Battalion "En Temps"

35th Transportation Battalion "The Queen's Chariots"

38th Transportation Battalion "Esiquitas"

41st Transportation Battalion "Sustinere"

53rd Transportation Battalion
53rd Transportation Battalion
(Obsolete) "SIEGESRÄDER" (Victory Wheels)

53rd Transportation Battalion "SIEGESRÄDER" (Victory Wheels)

57th Transportation Battalion "Providing with Mobility"

106th Transportation Battalion "Primus Inter Pares"

106th Transportation Battalion (obsolete) "Primus Inter Pares"

181st Transportation Battalion "Any Time, Any Task"

181st Transportation Battalion (obsolete) "Anytime, Anywhere"

205th Transportation Battalion

246th Transportation Battalion "Wolf Hounds"

450th Transportation Battalion "Strength Through Movement"

1030th Transportation Battalion

1144th Transportation Battalion "How Much How Far"

See also[edit]

Shoulder sleeve insignia
Shoulder sleeve insignia
– which describes the unit formation patches worn on the upper left and right sleeves below the shoulder hem.

AR-670-1 - Guide to the Wear and Appearance of Army
Uniforms and Insignia (May 25, 2017)


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Medical Center, US Army
Element". Institute of Heraldry. Office of the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army. 18 July 2011. Retrieved 19 May 2013. 

Further reading[edit]

The Institute of Heraldry, Heraldic Services Handbook, 1997 Heralding Devices, Soldiers Magazine, January 1985

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Official web site – The Institute of Heraldry U.S. Army
Quartermaster Foundation – U. S. Army

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Improved Physical Fitness Uniform (IPFU) (2000–2017) Army
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