Channel or channels may refer to:

In geography

  • Channel (geography), in physical geography, a landform consisting of the outline of the path of a narrow body of water
    • Stream channel, the physical confine of a stream, including bed and banks


  • Channel Country, region of outback Australia in Queensland and partly in South Australia, Northern Territory and New South Wales
  • Channel Highway, a regional highway in Tasmania, Australia


  • English Channel, the part of the Atlantic Ocean that separates Great Britain from northern France
  • Channel Islands, an archipelago in the English Channel, off the French coast of Normandy

North America

Other places

In science and technology

In communications

  • Communication channel, a transmission medium used to convey information
    • Channel (broadcasting), a range of frequencies assigned for the operation of a television, radio, or other broadcast station
    • Channel (digital image), the grayscale representation of a primary color in a digital image
    • Channel (programming), in computer science, a tool used for interprocess communication
    • Audio channel, a communications channel in a storage device used in operations such as multitrack recording and playback
    • Channel I/O, in computing, a high-performance input/output (I/O) architecture
    • A video blog hosted by a video-sharing website

Other uses in science and technology

In business

  • Channel (chart pattern), a pair of parallel trend lines that form a chart pattern for a stock or commodity
  • Channel Express, a defunct British airline
  • Channel Home Centers, a defunct home improvement chain based in the northeastern United States
  • Distribution channel, a chain of intermediaries, each passing the product down the chain to the next organization, before it finally reaches the consumer
  • Legal channeling, the act of legally making one entity responsible for an event, and thereby dismissing other parties from liability
  • Marketing channel, set of activities necessary to transfer the ownership of goods from the point of production to the point of consumption

In arts and entertainment

Other uses

  • Meridian (Chinese medicine), a concept central to traditional Chinese medical techniques such as acupuncture, and to martial arts such as tai chi and qigong
  • Mediumship or channelling, communication with spirits

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