Diploptera, also known as the beetle cockroach, is a genus of blaberid cockroaches. Cockroaches of this genus resemble beetles, with hardened tegmina and cross-folded hindwings. They live in tropical forests in South China and Southeast Asia, and Pacific islands including Hawaii.[1] They are viviparous cockroaches and are therefore used for insect endocrinological studies.[2] There are eight known species and two subspecies.[1][3]


Species included:[1][3]

  • Diploptera elliptica Li & Wang, 2015
  • Diploptera erythrocephala Princis, 1950
  • Diploptera maculata Hanitsch, 1925
  • Diploptera minor (Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1865)
  • Diploptera naevus Li & Wang, 2015
  • Diploptera nigrescens Shiraki, 1931
    • Diploptera nigrescens nigrescens Shiraki, 1931
    • Diploptera nigrescens guani Li & Wang, 2015
  • Diploptera parva Princis, 1953
  • Diploptera punctata (Eschscholtz, 1822)


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