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Diplopogon is a genus of Australian plants in the grass family. It was first described in 1810 by Robert Brown.[2] As of 2017[update] it contains only a singles species, Diplopogon setaceus, found in southwestern Australia. It is similar to the genus Amphipogon, the only difference being the awns of the lemma.[3] It grows in seasonally wet areas, swamps, and fringing watercourses from Nannup to Albany. It flowers in spring and early summer in a greyish head of multiple spikelets.[4] References[edit]

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Taxon identifiers

Wd: Q2125375 EoL: 5845401 GBIF: 4122274 GRIN: 3802 IPNI: 17938-1 NCBI: 66019 Tropicos: 40032859

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