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Geshov Dimitar Ivanov (Bulgarian: Димитър Иванов Гешов) (Svishtov, September 14, 1860 – Sofia, January 8, 1922) was a Bulgarian officer. During the First World War, he commanded in 1916–1918 the Bulgarian First Army
Bulgarian First Army
on the Salonika Front. Biography[edit] Dimitar Geshov
Dimitar Geshov
was born on September 14, 1860 in Svishtov. He took part in the Russo-Turkish War (1877–1878)
Russo-Turkish War (1877–1878)
as a volunteer. After the liberation, he graduated from the Odessa Military School in 1880. In the Serbo-Bulgarian War
Serbo-Bulgarian War
(1885), he was a company commander and participated in the battles at Breznik and Pirot. During the Balkan Wars
Balkan Wars
(1912–1913), he first commanded the 1st Brigade of the 2nd Thracian Infantry Division, and from December 24, 1912 he became commander of the entire 2nd Thracian Infantry Division. He distinguished himself at Krivolak, on June 22, 1913, and was promoted to Major General . During World War I (1915–1918), he again commanded the 2nd Thracian Infantry Division until September 11, 1916 when he was promoted to commander of the Bulgarian First Army. With his army, he repelled in 1917 several allied attacks, at Monastir, Doiran and the Cerna Bend. But as a consequence of the defeat in the Battle of Skra-di-Legen, General Dimitar Geshov
Dimitar Geshov
was replaced on July 30, 1918 by General Stefan Nerezov. Geshov became head of the Moravian inspection area. On July 1, 1919 he was promoted to infantry general and went into the reserve. Dimitar Geshov
Dimitar Geshov
died on January 8, 1922 in Sofia. Sources[edit]

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