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Dickie is a
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, a
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(most often as a diminutive form of
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) and a
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. It may refer to:



* Rev. A. M. Dickie (1903–1978), Australian peace activist * George Dickie (philosopher) (born 1926), American art critic * George Dickie (botanist) (1812–1882), Scottish botanist * Harold Dickie (1874–1954), New Zealand politician * John Dickie (disambiguation) * Kate Dickie (born circa 1971), Scottish actress * Mat Dickie (born 1981), English indie video game developer * Matthew Dickie (1873–1959), Scottish professional football player * Murray Dickie (1924–1995), Scottish tenor opera singer and director * Neville Dickie (born 1937), English boogie-woogie and stride piano player * Simon Dickie (born 1951), former New Zealand rowing cox


* Richard Annand (1914–2004), English recipient of the Victoria Cross * Dickie Baugh (1864–1929), English footballer * Dickie Bird (born 1933), English cricket umpire * Dickie Boon (1878–1961), Canadian ice hockey player * Dickie Brooks (born 1943), English cricketer * Dickie Burrough (1909–1994), English cricketer * Richard John Cork (1917–1944), Second World War fighter ace * Dickie Dale (1927–1961), former Grand Prix motorcycle road racer * Dickie Dale (footballer) (circa 1896–1970), English footballer * Dickie Davies (born 1933), British television presenter * Richard Dawson (born 1932), British-American actor, comedian, game show host * Dickie Downs (1886–1949), English footballer * Dickie Foss (born 1912), English football player and coach * Dickie Fuller (1913–1987), West Indian cricketer * Dickie Goodman (1934–1989), American comedian * Dickie Guy (born 1949), English football goalkeeper * Richard Haine (1916–2008), English Second World War RAF pilot * Dickie Hemric (1933–2017), American basketball player * Dickie Henderson (1922–1985), British actor * Dickie Little, American musician (The Ziggens) * Dickie Lloyd (1891–1950), Irish cricketer * Dickie Moore (actor) (born 1925), former American child actor * Dickie Moore (ice hockey) (born 1931), Canadian ice hockey player * Dickie Peterson (born 1948), American singer * Dickie Post (born 1945), American football player * Dickie Rock (born 1940), Irish rock singer * Dickie Stobbart (1891–1952), Canadian soccer player * Dickie Thon (born 1958), American baseball player * Richard Gordon Wakeford (1922–2007), British Royal Air Force air marshal * Dickie Watmough (1912–1962), English footballer and cricketer

Given name

* Dickie Harris (born 1950), Canadian footballer * Dickie Noles (born 1956), pitcher in Major League Baseball

Fictional characters

* Dickie Dare, a comic strip character * Dickie Flemming, in the soap opera ''Coronation Street'' * Billericay Dickie, in the song of the same name * Dickie Duck, a Disney character in the Donald Duck universe * Dickie Greenleaf, in the film The Talented Mr. Ripley

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