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Places[edit] United States[edit]

Dexter, Georgia, a town Dexter, Illinois, an unincorporated community Dexter, Indiana, an unincorporated community Dexter, Iowa, a city Dexter Township, Cowley County, Kansas

Dexter, Kansas, a city

Dexter, Kentucky, an unincorporated community Dexter, Maine, a town

Dexter (CDP), Maine, a census-designated place Dexter Regional Airport

Dexter Township, Michigan Dexter, Michigan, a village (unassociated with the township, though nearby) Dexter Township, Mower County, Minnesota

Dexter, Minnesota, a city

Dexter, Missouri, a city Dexter, New Mexico, a town Dexter, New York, a village

Dexter Marsh

Dexter City, Ohio, a village Dexter, Oregon, an unincorporated community in Lane County Dexter State Recreation Site, Lane County, Oregon, a state park Dexter Reservoir, also known as Dexter Lake, near Dexter, Oregon Dexter by the Sea, Washington, an unincorporated community Dexter, Wisconsin, a town Dexter (community), Wisconsin, an unincorporated community in the town of Friendship Dexter by the Sea, Washington, an unincorporated community


Dexter, a community in Central Elgin, Ontario, Canada


Dexter Building, Chicago, Illinois, US, demolished in 2006 Dexter Cabin, Leadville, Colorado, US Dexter House (other)

Art, entertainment and media[edit]

Dexter Morgan, the protagonist of the Dexter entertainment franchise

Dexter (TV series)
Dexter (TV series)
(2006–2013), an American television drama series loosely based on the series of novels by Jeff Lindsay

"Dexter" (episode), the eponymous series pilot and first episode Dexter: Music from the Showtime Original Series, a soundtrack album

Dexter (comics), a 2013 Marvel Comics limited series comic book based on the Dexter Morgan
Dexter Morgan

Dexter, the main character of the American animated series Dexter's Laboratory that aired from 1996 to 2003 Dexter, the Pokédex in Kanto and Johto in the Pokémon anime; See Gameplay of Pokémon


Dexter Air Taxi, a Russian air taxi service Dexter Construction, a Canadian construction and environmental services company Dexter-Russell, a US manufacturer of professional cutlery

American schools[edit]

Dexter High School (Michigan), Dexter, Michigan Dexter Regional High School, Dexter, Maine Dexter School, a private boys' school in Brookline, Massachusetts Dexter High School (Michigan), Dexter, Michigan

Science and technology[edit]

Dexter (malware), a computer virus Dexter (robot), a dynamically balancing bipedal humanoid robot research project by Anybots Dexter Award, presented by the American Chemical Society from 1956 until 2001 Dexter National Fish Hatchery & Technology Center, Dexter, New Mexico, US


USCGC Dexter, United States Coast Guard ships USRC Dexter, United States Revenue Cutter Service ships


Dexter (name), a surname and a given name (including a list of people) Dexter (singer), Brazilian rapper Marcos Fernandes de Omena (born 1973) Famous Dex, also known as Dexter, American rapper (born 1993)

Other uses[edit]

Dexter cattle, a breed of cattle Dexter, in dexter and sinister, a heraldic term referring to the right of the bearer of the arms (to the left for a viewer)

See also[edit]

Darkly Dreaming Dexter, a 2004 novel by Jeff Lindsay that was adapted into the television series Dexter

Dearly Devoted Dexter, 2005 Dexter in the Dark, 2007 Dexter by Design, 2009 Dexter Is Delicious, 2010 Double Dexter, 2011 Dexter's Final Cut, 2013 Dexter is Dead, 2015

Dexterity, the coordination of small muscles Dexterville (other) Dextral, a type of chirality Dextre, a robot on the International Space Station Dextrose, an isomer of glucose Dextrous (other) Poindexter (other)

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