Der or DER may refer to:


* Darkənd, Azerbaijan * Dearborn (Amtrak station) (station code), in Michigan, US * Der (Sumer), an ancient city located in modern-day Iraq * d'Entrecasteaux Ridge, an oceanic ridge in the south-west Pacific Ocean

Science and technology

* Derivative chromosome, a structurally rearranged chromosome * Distinguished Encoding Rules, a method for encoding a data object, including public key infrastructure certificates and keys * Distributed Energy Resources * , the partial derivative symbol *Deep energy retrofit, an energy conservation measure


* Digital Education Revolution, an Australian Government funded educational reform program * DER rental (Domestic Electric Rentals Ltd), a UK television rentals company * Documentary Educational Resources, a non-profit film producer and distributor

Other uses

* Designated Engineering Representative, an individual appointed to approve, or recommend approval, of technical data to the Federal Aviation Administration * ''Der'', the German language grammatical masculine article, equivalent to "the" in English *Defence (Emergency) Regulations, legal regulations promulgated by the British in Mandatory Palestine in 1945 {{disambiguation|geo