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The 14 Regions of Senegal
are subdivided into 45 departments and 103 arrondissements (neither of which have administrative function) and by collectivités locales (the 14 régions, 110 communes, and 320 communautés rurales) which elect administrative officers.[1] In 2006, the new department of Koungheul was created as a division of Kaolack Department.[2][3] In 2008, the creation of three new regions increased the number of departments to 45.

Map of the departments and regions of Senegal

The departments are listed below, by region:


1 Dakar Region 2 Diourbel Region 3 Fatick Region 4 Kaffrine Region 5 Kaolack Region 6 Kédougou Region 7 Kolda Region 8 Louga Region 9 Matam Region 10 Saint-Louis Region 11 Sédhiou Region 12 Tambacounda Region 13 Thiès Region 14 Ziguinchor Region 15 See also 16 References

Dakar Region[edit]

Departments of Dakar Region

Dakar Department Guédiawaye Department Pikine Department Rufisque Department

Diourbel Region[edit]

Departments of Diourbel Region

Bambey Department Diourbel Department Mbacké Department

Fatick Region[edit]

Departments of Fatick Region

Fatick Department Foundiougne Department Gossas Department

Kaffrine Region[edit]

Departments of Kaffrine Region

Kaffrine Department Birkilane Department Koungheul Department Malem Hoddar Department

Kaolack Region[edit]

Departments of Kaolack Region

Guinguinéo Department Kaolack Department Nioro du Rip Department

Kédougou Region[edit]

Departments of Kédougou Region

Kédougou Department Salémata Department Saraya Department

Kolda Region[edit]

Departments of Kolda Region

Kolda Department Médina Yoro Foulah Department Vélingara Department

Louga Region[edit]

Departments of Louga Region

Kébémer Department Linguère Department Louga Department

Matam Region[edit]

Departments of Matam Region

Kanel Department Matam Department Ranérou Ferlo Department

Saint-Louis Region[edit]

Departments of Saint-Louis Region

Dagana Department Podor Department Saint-Louis Department

Sédhiou Region[edit]

Departments of Sédhiou Region

Bounkiling Department Goudomp Department Sédhiou Department

Tambacounda Region[edit]

Departments of Tambacounda Region

Bakel Department Goudiry Department Koumpentoum Department Tambacounda Department

Thiès Region[edit]

Departments of Thies Region

M'bour Department Thiès Department Tivaouane Department

Ziguinchor Region[edit]

Departments of Ziguinchor Region

Bignona Department Oussouye Department Ziguinchor Department

See also[edit]

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Government site, l'Agence de l'informatique de l'État (ADIE). (in French) Map of main subdivisions and more detailed maps on subdivisions (in French) Décret fixant le ressort territorial et le chef lieu des régions et des départements, décret n°2002-166, 21 February 2002 (in French) Code des collectivités locales, Loi n° 96-06, 22 March 1996 https://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/2862.htm http://www.geohive.com/cd/link.php?xml=sn&xsl=neo1

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Departments of Senegal

Dakar Region

Dakar Guédiawaye Pikine Rufisque

Diourbel Region

Bambey Diourbel Mbacké

Fatick Region

Fatick Foundiougne Gossas

Kaffrine Region

Birkilane Kaffrine Koungheul Malem Hodar

Kaolack Region

Guinguinéo Kaolack Nioro du Rip

Kédougou Region

Kédougou Salémata Saraya

Kolda Region

Kolda Médina Yoro Foulah Vélingara

Louga Region

Kébémer Linguère Louga

Matam Region

Kanel Matam Ranérou Ferlo

Saint-Louis Region

Dagana Podor Saint-Louis

Sédhiou Region

Bounkiling Goudomp Sédhiou

Tambacounda Region

Bakel Goudiry Koumpentoum Tambacounda

Thiès Region

M'bour Thiès Tivaouane

Ziguinchor Region

Bignona Oussouye Ziguinchor

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