Strength and Unity are the key to Excellence &

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Delta Tau Lambda (ΔΤΛ) is a collegiate and professional Greek-lettered sorority. It was founded on April 2, 1994 [1] at the University of Michigan, by Darilís García and Maria Victoria Ramos. Delta Tau Lambda is a Latina-based organization with a predominately Latina membership. Women are eligible to join regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, sexual orientation, ability, or national origin. The sorority has ten collegiate and six professional/alumni chapters in the United States.

Undergraduate, graduate, and professional members engage in community service projects and fundraising for charitable causes. Service endeavors encompass both national and local efforts. Many projects focus on the Latina/o community, including a scholarship fund. The organization promotes academic excellence and professionalism. Delta Tau Lambda empowers communities of color by promoting higher education, leadership, mentorship, and networking.

Since 1994 members have worked to empower and uplift the organization as well as their communities through educational events and service. They have done community services projects that expand from thanksgiving baskets and child safety fairs to national projects such as the American Diabetes Association walk and Race for the Cure. Delta Tau Lambda has been recognized on campuses and communities across the U.S. with awards such as outstanding organization, highest GPA, and outstanding event.


Founders Maria Victoria Ramos and Darilis Garcia-McMillian

At the University of Michigan, two women came together to create the first Latina-based sorority founded in the Ann Arbor campus. Their mission was to build an organization that would bring about empowerment to their collegiate and surrounding communities, while working with women that strived for professionalism and leadership. On April 2, 1994, Delta Tau Lambda Sorority was founded.[2]

The founders, Darilís García and Maria Victoria Ramos, focused their efforts on academic achievement, community service and professionalism. They wanted to establish a strong foundation for the sorority to ensure its growth within the university and the U.S. During the summer of 1994 the women selected their charitable causes, Breast Cancer, Diabetes, and HIV/AIDS. That fall they hosted the first Salute to Latinas, Fuerza de la Mujer Latina, which has become a staple event for the sorority. In March 1995 the founders created the Lydia Cruz and Sandra Maria Ramos Scholarship, named after Darilís’ grandmother and Maria’s older sister. As part of establishing the identity of the organization they ensured that the events they sponsored always represented the diversity they embraced. They wanted to meet the needs of Latinas while supporting all women and all communities.

The first line of the organization—Alejandra Montes, Carmela Kudyba, and Adriana Rendon—was initiated on April 5, 1996. The sorority tag line was created by Damaris Madrigal, “Women by chance, sisters by choice, phenomenal by nature.” The Beta chapter was established in 1999 at Roosevelt University by Michelle Gonzalez and Rocio Dominguez. In 2003 the first graduate chapter was created for the Detroit metropolitan area.


Delta Tau Lambda is a community-oriented sorority. Their main objectives are academic excellence and community service in order to bring about change in the Latino community as well as in other communities of color.

Vision statement

Empower women by promoting self-development and investing in their lifelong success. Serve as innovative leaders and agents of change in our communities. Be an exemplary sisterhood with strong and committed members, chapters and national board.

Mission statement

The mission of Delta Tau Lambda Sorority, Incorporated is to build and strengthen Latinas’ position in society through community service, commitment and professionalism. Together we will unite to develop and empower Latinas, women of color and women in general through personal evolution and teamwork. We will continue to build a strong foundation of resources through networking and community connections. We will work in collaboration with diverse women to create opportunities for growth and change.


Strength and Unity are the key to Excellence

Con Fuerza Construiremos, Con Honestidad Creceremos, Con Unidad nunca seremos Vencidas


Delta Tau Lambda Sorority, Inc. is committed to the education, research and support of Breast Cancer, Diabetes, HIV/AIDS and Mental Health. While we fundraise and educate our communities on these specific causes we do support many other areas of service.


Lydia Cruz and Sandra (Ramos) Ruiz

Anything that we can do, big or small, to improve our communities we are willing. It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child. We believe that it takes that same village to support and strengthen itself to help bring about change. That is why we are such strong proponents of community service, it is our number one goal and driving purpose!

The Lydia Cruz & Sandra Maria Ramos Scholarship Fund was established March 1995. The scholarship is named after Darilis Garcia-McMillian's grandmother and Maria Victoria Ramos' sister. The two women chosen, greatly influenced the lives of the Founding Mothers. The scholarship is awarded annually to a graduating high school Latina senior attending a two or four-year higher learning institution.



Chapter School/Location
Alpha University of Michigan
Beta Roosevelt University
Gamma Montgomery, Alabama
Delta University of Texas, El Paso
Epsilon University of South Florida
Zeta Texas A&M University
Eta Michigan State University
Theta Wayne State University
Iota University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Kappa Northeastern Illinois University
Lambda Grand Valley State University
Mu Marygrove College
Nu University of Texas Pan American
Xi Western Michigan University

Graduate Professional

Graduate Professional Alumnae Chapter Location
Alpha Lambda Detroit, Michigan
Beta Lambda El Paso, Texas
Gamma Lambda Chicago, Illinois
Delta Lambda Portland, Oregon
Epsilon Lambda Tampa, Florida
Zeta Lambda San Francisco Bay Area, California
Eta Lambda Tacoma-Seattle Area, Washington
Theta Lambda Rio Grande Valley Area, Texas
Iota Lambda Lansing, Michigan
Kappa Lambda Miami, Florida


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