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Defying Destiny is a 1923 silent film directed by Louis Chaudet and starring Monte Blue. It was a lost film until a print was found and repatriated to George Eastman Museum from New Zealand in 2010 with several other American films.[1][2][3] Cast[edit]

Monte Blue
Monte Blue
- Jack Fenton Irene Rich
Irene Rich
- Beth Alden Tully Marshall
Tully Marshall
- Dr. Gregory Jackie Saunders
Jackie Saunders
- Mrs. Harris Z. Wall Covington - Sam Harris Russell Simpson -Mr. Wilkens James Gordon - Mr. Alden Frona Hale - Mrs. Alden Laura Ames - Jack Fenton's Aunt George Reehm - The Promoter


Mona Sherwood - young Beth Louis Turner - young Jack Fenton


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