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Declaration (The Alarm album)
Declaration (The Alarm album)
(1984) Declaration (Bleeding Through album)
Declaration (Bleeding Through album)
(2008) Declaration (Steven Curtis Chapman album)
Declaration (Steven Curtis Chapman album)
(2001) The Declaration
The Declaration
a 2008 album by Ashanti Déclaration, a 1973 album by Georges Moustaki " Declaration (This Is It)", a 2012 gospel song by Kirk Franklin "Déclaration", a classical song by Leoncavallo "The Declaration", a 1970 song by The 5th Dimension

Other uses[edit]

Declaration (computer programming), a specification of the identifier, type, and other aspects of language elements Declaration (cricket), when the captain of a cricket team declares its innings closed Declaration (law), a type of relief that may be ordered by a court or tribunal Declaration (poker), a formal expression of intent to take some action in the card game poker The Declaration
The Declaration
(novel), a 2008 children's novel by Gemma Malley Declaration (book), a self-published electronic pamphlet by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri Manifesto, published declaration of principles and intentions of an individual, group or organization

See also[edit]

Customs declaration Declaration of independence, an assertion of the independence of an aspiring state or states Declaration of mailing Declaration of war, a formal declaration indicating that a state of war exists between nations Declarative (other) Declare, a novel by Tim Powers

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