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Declaration is the fifth album by American metalcore band Bleeding Through. The song's titles are named after different states and cities. Frontman Brandan Schieppati commented, "There are definitely places when we're traveling where every time we go there, we're like, 'Fuck, why do we have to be here?' Like, we'll be in France
and all of a sudden we'll feel totally insignificant. You get the feeling that people's eyes are just burning a hole through you."[2] The album was scheduled for release in August. Schieppati claims it will be heavier than the band's 2003 release, This Is Love, This Is Murderous, and bridges the gap between This Love and The Truth, "The melodies are darker, the riffs are heavier. We just wrote a really aggressive record that encompasses everything we've ever tried to do as a band and then raised the bar a notch or two."[2] During the Soundwave the band previewed a new song from the album called "Orange County Blonde And Blue". The song can be watched on YouTube.[3] Bleeding Through
Bleeding Through
recently stated in an MTV
blog they have finished the record and released details of the album, but do not intend to hand the masters over to Trustkill until numerous issues be resolved. This leaves the supposed August 2008 release date up in the air. Subsequently, they asked to be dropped from Trustkill in the same blog. Whilst playing at Download Festival
Download Festival
in June 2008 Bleeding Through's front man Brandan Schieppati said with regards to the albums "We are having trouble with our record label, so when the new record comes out, steal it, download it illegally, do what you fucking want, as long as you the fans hear it". On June 12, one track from the new album named "Orange County Blonde And Blue" was uploaded to the band's official MySpace
page. It is unclear how long the track will remain on the page, as the band have stated it is there "for a limited time". Also it has been made apparent by joining an official fan site called Dearly Demented, which is supported by the band, a person will receive the song "Germany". Many I Killed The Prom Queen
I Killed The Prom Queen
fans were disappointed to hear newly recruited guitarist, Jona Weinhofen, would not be contributing any vocals to the album.[citation needed] On August 21, Bleeding Through
Bleeding Through
announced they would be filming a video for "Death Anxiety" that weekend. It will be directed by Dave Brodsky (All That Remains, Black Dahlia Murder and Gwar) in Los Angeles, California. The album sold just under 6,000[4] copies in its first week of release to debut at #104[5] on The Billboard 200 chart. Track listing[edit]

"Finis Fatalis Spei" – 1:54 "Declaration (You Can't Destroy What You Can Not Replace)" (Featuring Tim Lambesis
Tim Lambesis
of As I Lay Dying) – 3:47 "Orange County Blonde and Blue" – 2:40 "Germany" – 3:22 "There Was a Flood" – 5:48 "French Inquisition" – 4:13 "Reborn From Isolation" – 4:31 "Death Anxiety" – 3:30 "The Loving Memory of England" – 1:27 "Beneath the Grey" – 3:32 "Seller's Market" – 2:38 "Sister Charlatan" – 8:47

Bonus tracks

"Self Defeating Anthem" - 3:17 (On Vinyl edition)

Personnel[edit] Bleeding Through;

Brandan Schieppati – vocals Brian Leppke – guitars Derek Youngsma – drums Ryan Wombacher – bass, vocals Marta Peterson – keys Jona Weinhofen
Jona Weinhofen
– guitars

Additional personnel;

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Devin Townsend Drums edited by Mike Young Mastered by Greg Reely Art direction, illustrations & design by Angryblue

Guest musicians;

Elyse Jacobson (violin), Josh Belvedere (violin), Eric Edington-Hryb (viola), and Doug Gorkoff (cello) on tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 12 Tim Lambesis
Tim Lambesis
– guest vocals on track 2 Dave Nassie – guitar solo on track 10

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