The Dawn Group of Newspapers is Pakistan's second largest newspaper group, owned by the Dawn Media Group. Pakistan Herald Publications Limited is the parent company for all these publications listed below.[1]

The group has an array of publications, as it tries to cater to the needs of both the financial and consumer bases. Although it has faced tough competition from the Jang Group since its creation, it has still managed to remain popular. The group is headed by the Pakistani media mogul Hameed Haroon, its current CEO. One of his family members, Masood Hameed Haroon was found murdered in his car by the police in Karachi in April 2015. Masood had worked for the company for the past 28 years and was serving as the Marketing Director for the company at the time of his death. He had also served as the Secretary General of the All Pakistan Newspapers Society in the past.[1]

'Dawn leaks' controversy

In 2016, one of the journalists working at Dawn (newspaper), Cyril Almeida wrote a newspaper article that stirred a major controversy in Pakistan, called Dawn leaks. Cyril had reported that during the National Security Council (Pakistan) (NSC) meeting between the civilian leaders and the military leaders of Pakistan, some civilian leaders had warned the military leaders about the risk of Pakistan's growing diplomatic isolation due to lack of action against some Pakistani militant groups. Pakistan's military leadership was clearly upset over reports of alleged leaking of this classified information to a Pakistani journalist by some civilian leaders attending that NSC meeting. After the controversy would not die down, Pervaiz Rashid (Minister of Information) and Tariq Fatemi (Special Assistant to the Prime Minister) had to step down as a result of this controversy.[2]

List of publications

The following is a list of publications produced and owned by the group:

  • Dawn, its flagship daily English newspaper[3][4]
  • The Star, Pakistan's most popular evening newspaper
  • Herald, a current affairs monthly magazine in English[3][4]
  • Spider, a monthly Internet magazine[3]
  • Aurora, a marketing and advertising bi-monthly magazine

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