The Info List - David Von Drehle

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DAVID JAMES VON DREHLE (born February 6, 1961) is an American author and journalist.


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Von Drehle was born in Denver
, Colorado
, and raised in Aurora, Colorado
. He earned his B.A. in 1983 from the University of Denver
, where he was also a Boettcher Foundation Scholar and editor of the Denver
Clarion, the student newspaper. In 1985 Von Drehle graduated from Oxford University
Oxford University
with a Masters in Literature as a Marshall Scholar .

In 1995 he married Karen Ball, the White House correspondent for the New York Daily News
New York Daily News
. They moved to Kansas City, Missouri , where they currently reside with their four children.


Von Drehle started his career in journalism at 17 years old, working with The Denver
Post as a sports writer from 1978 to 1983, where he was the youngest sports writer that the paper has had. From there he moved on to the Miami Herald in 1985 and stayed on with the paper until 1991 as a staff writer. In 1988 while writing for the Miami Herald Von Drehle was awarded a Livingston Award, which recognizes excellence in young journalism and is given annually to journalist younger than 35 years of age. Von Drehle was honored for a series titled "The Death Penalty: A Failure of Execution". He was 27 at the time of the award, the youngest of the three journalists recognized that year. The piece also garnered Von Drehle the American Bar Association's Silver Gavel Award for excellence in Media and the Arts in 1989. During his tenure with the Miami Herald, von Drehle also received an American Society of News Editors Distinguished Writing Award, and has subsequently been featured in ASNE's collections of America's Best Newspaper Writing.

In 1991 Von Drehle became the New York bureau chief for The Washington Post . A year later, he was sent to New Hampshire to cover the 1992 presidential primary, thus beginning his career as a political writer. He went on to be the editor of the Arts section, and the Assistant Managing Editor in charge of the Style section. By his own admission in an article in National Journal Von Drehle says, "I like to change gears every four or five years.". David Von Drehle left The Washington Post