''Datnioides microlepis'', also known as the Indonesian tiger datnoid, Indo datmoid, Indonesian tigerfish, or finescale tigerfish, is a species of freshwater fish endemic to the
Malay Peninsula The Malay Peninsula (Malay language, Malay: ''Semenanjung Tanah Melayu'') is a peninsula in Southeast Asia. The land mass runs approximately north–south and, at its terminus, is the southernmost point of the Asian mainland. The area contains Pe ...
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Sumatra Sumatra is one of the Sunda Islands of western Indonesia. It is the largest island that is fully within Indonesian territory, as well as the list of islands by area, sixth-largest island in the world at 473,481 km2 (182,812 mi.2), not ...

Kalimantan Kalimantan is the Indonesia Indonesia ( ), officially the Republic of Indonesia ( id, Republik Indonesia, links=yes ), is a country in Southeast Asia and Oceania between the Indian Ocean, Indian and Pacific Ocean, Pacific oceans. It consist ...
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Mekong The Mekong, or Mekong River, is a trans-boundary river in East Asia East Asia is the eastern region of Asia Asia () is Earth's largest and most populous continent, located primarily in the Eastern Hemisphere, Eastern and North ...

rivers is due to confusion with the '' D. pulcher'' (Siamese tigerfish), which was included in ''D. microlepis'' until 1998. It reaches up to in length. This fish is commonly seen in the aquarium trade, and often is seen when juvenile about long.


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