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Danthonioideae is a mainly southern hemisphere subfamily of grasses, containing the single tribe Danthonieae and three unplaced genera, with altogether roughly 300 species.[1] It includes herbaceous to partially woody perennial or annual (less common) grasses that grow in open grasslands, shrublands, and woodlands.[2] It belongs to the PACMAD clade of grasses, but unlike some other lineages in that clade, grasses in the Danthonioideae exclusively use the C3 photosynthetic pathway.[3] Its sister group is the subfamily Chloridoideae.[3] There are 20 genera, 17 of which are placed in tribe Danthonieae, while three are as yet unplaced (incertae sedis).[1] The relationships within the group are complicated; conflicting phylogenetic evidence from nuclear and chloroplast DNA suggests that hybridisation events played an important role in the Danthonioideae.[4]

incertae sedis:

Alloeochaete, Danthonidium, Phaenanthoecium

tribe Danthonieae:

Austroderia, Capeochloa, Chaetobromus, Chimaerochloa, Chionochloa, Cortaderia (syn. Lamprothyrsus), Danthonia, Geochloa, Merxmuellera, Notochloe, Pentameris (syn. Pentaschistis, Poagrostis, Prionanthium), Plinthanthesis, Pseudopentameris, Rytidosperma (syn. Monostachya, Notodanthonia, Pyrrhantherea), Schismus (syn. Karroochloa), Tenaxia, Tribolium


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Subfamilies and tribes of the grasses (Poaceae)

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PACMAD clade

Aristidoideae Arundinoideae Chloridoideae Danthonioideae Micrairoideae Panicoideae


Arundineae Molinieae

Centropodieae Cynodonteae Eragrostideae Triraphideae Zoysieae


Eriachneae Hubbardieae Isachneae Micraireae

Andropogoneae Arundinelleae Centotheceae Chasmanthieae Cyperochloeae Gynerieae Lecomtelleae Paniceae Paspaleae Steyermarkochloeae Thysanolaeneae Tristachyideae Zeugiteae

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