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Daniel I. Werfel is a Partner at Boston Consulting Group. He works on the public-sector team in Washington, D.C. He formerly served as principal deputy commissioner and deputy commissioner for services and enforcement (and the former Acting Commissioner of the United States Internal Revenue Service).[3][4][5][6]


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Early life and education[edit] Daniel Werfel
Daniel Werfel
graduated from John F. Kennedy High School in Plainview on Long Island
Long Island
in 1989. He holds a bachelor's degree from Cornell University, a J.D. from the University of North Carolina School of Law, and a master's degree in public policy from Duke University.[4][5] Career[edit] Werfel worked as a trial attorney in the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division.[5][7] After the Department of Justice, he worked as the deputy controller, chief of the Financial Integrity and Analysis Branch, budget examiner in the Education Branch, and policy analyst in the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs,[4][5] under both the Obama and George W. Bush
George W. Bush
administrations.[8] He was appointed as of Controller of the Office of Management and Budget
Office of Management and Budget
in 2009, by President Obama.[4][5] While in that role, managed the federal government's operational response to a potential shutdown in 2011, by determining which essential services would continue to operate.[4][9] On May 15, 2013, he was appointed Acting Commissioner of Internal Revenue by President Obama,[10] after the resignation of the previous Acting Commissioner, Steven T. Miller.[8] Private sector[edit] In 2014, Werfel joined Boston Consulting Group
Boston Consulting Group
as a Director in the firm's Public Sector Practice, based in Washington D.C.[11] He became a Partner in early 2017. Personal Information[edit] Werfel is married to his wife Beth, with whom he has two children,[12] Sean and Molly.[13] References[edit]

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Daniel Werfel
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Daniel Werfel
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Government offices

Preceded by Steven T. Miller Acting Commissioner of Internal Revenue May 15, 2013–December 23, 2013 Acting Succeeded by John Koskinen

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