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J. Daniel Bishop is a Republican member of the North Carolina State Senate.[1] He represents the 39th district, in south-central Mecklenburg County. He previously served one term in the North Carolina House of Representatives from 2015 to 2017, representing the 104th district, and two terms on the Mecklenburg County Commission from the 5th district. In March 2016 He was the sponsor of North Carolina's controversial Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act also known as "HB2" and "House Bill 2."[2] On April 22, 2016, Time Warner Cable News North Carolina estimated that House Bill 2 had to date cost North Carolina more than 1750 jobs and more than $77 million of investments and visitor spending, including: $14.3 million in Buncombe County, $46.2 million and 500 jobs in Charlotte, $5 million in Greensboro, and $3.2 million in the Triangle area of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.[3][better source needed] Forbes has placed the total losses attributable to HB2 as of November 2016 at approximately $600,000,000.00., and believes the number will continue to rise [4] Bishop has used his sponsorship of HB2 in fundraising emails, stating that he is standing up to the "radical transgender agenda". [5] Bishop ran for the North Carolina State Senate
North Carolina State Senate
District 39 in November 2016 to succeed Bob Rucho
Bob Rucho
who was not seeking re-election. He defeated Democrat Lloyd Scher by a fator of 58,278 to 44,330.[6] Following release of video showing protesters shouting "shame" at former North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory during protests in Washington D.C., Bishop stated that he supported legislation that would criminalize such political behavior. Critics have called the proposed action antithetical to First Amendment principles. [7] References[edit]

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