The Daliyot River (Hebrew: Nahal Daliyot) is a river in the Golan Heights. It flows from the Golan Heights plateau, through the Gamla Nature Reserve and down the western slopes of the Heights, and into the Sea of Galilee.

The estuary, Majrase

The Jordan River and the streams coming down from the Central Golan create a landscape of swamps and open water surfaces, variously called deltas, estuaries or lagoons. The Daliyot River is one of five rivers running through the Bethsaida Valley (Betiha or Buteiha in Arabic): the Jordan at the northern edge, Meshushim (Wadi el-Hawa in Arabic; collects the waters of the Katzrin and Zavitan streams), Yehudiya (with Batra as a tributary) - together they form the Meshushim and Zaki Lagoons before reaching the Sea of Galilee -, Daliyot, and Sfamnun. The Daliyot River estuary, best known as Majrassa or Majrase, The Majrase – Betiha (Bethsaida Valley) Nature Reserve
Israel Nature and Parks Authority, accessed 16 June 2019
is the largest freshwater nature reserve controlled by Israel. It carries water from the Golan and forms lagoons when it reaches the Sea of Galilee. The nature reserve stretches over 5000 dunams, some of it agricultural land. Majrassa Nature Reserve
Attractions in Israel, 20 September 2011, accessed 16 June 2019

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