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DAINI NO SANMI (大弐三位, dates unknown but born c. 999 ) was a Japanese waka poet of the mid- Heian period
Heian period
. One of her poems was included in the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu . She produced a private collection , the Daini no Sanmi-shū (大弐三位集).


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She was the daughter of Murasaki Shikibu
Murasaki Shikibu
and Fujiwara no Nobutaka (藤原宣孝). Her given name was KATAKO (賢子), although the characters for Katako are also read KENSHI.

She was married to Takashina no Nariakira (高階成章) and produced son in 1038, and she has a daughter with Fujiwara no Kanetaka (985-1053) in 1026. She also served as the nurse of Emperor Go-Reizei .


Thirty-seven or thirty-eight of her poems were included in imperial anthologies from the Goshūi Wakashū on.

The following poem by her was included as No. 58 in Fujiwara no Teika 's Ogura Hyakunin Isshu :

Japanese text Romanized Japanese English translation

有馬山 猪名の笹原 風吹けば いでそよ人を 忘れやはする Arima-yama ina no sasahara kaze fukeba ide soyo hito wo wasure ya wa suru At the foot of Mt. Arima the wind rustles through bamboo grasses wavering yet constant— the way my heart beats only for you.


Some scholars have attributed the final ten chapters of her mother's magnum opus, The Tale of Genji
The Tale of Genji
, to her, although this theory is generally rejected by the majority of scholars.


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