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Dag, or variant forms, may refer to:

Arts and entertainment

* ''DAG'' (American TV series), 2000–2001 * ''Dag'' (Norwegian TV series), 2010–2015 * ''DAG'' (newspaper), a former free Dutch newspaper * DAG (band), an American funk band * DAG (Yugoslav band), an acoustic rock band * Demented Are Go, a Welsh band * Dags (film), ''Dags'' (film), a 1998 Australian comedy film * The Mountain (2012 film), ''The Mountain'' (2012 film) (Turkish: 'Dağ'), a 2012 Turkish drama film


* Dag (name), including a list of people and fictional characters with the name * Dag the Wise, a 4th-century Swedish king


* Dág, Hungary * Dąg, Poland * Dag (lunar crater), on the Moon * Dag, a List of craters on Callisto, crater on Callisto, a moon of Jupiter * Dar al Gani, or DaG, a meteorite field in the Libyan Sahara

Science and technology

* Diacylglycerol or diglyceride, commonly used as food additives * Directed acyclic graph, in computer science and mathematics * Decagram, or 10 grams, an SI multiple of gram * Database Availability Group, a feature of Microsoft Exchange Server

Other uses

* Dag (slang), an Australian affectionate insult * DAG Ventures, an American venture capital firm * DAG Rīga, later FK VEF Rīga, a Latvian football club * Dagbani language, ISO 639-3 language code dag * Dalgety Bay railway station, Scotland, station code DAG * Barstow-Daggett Airport, California, U.S., IATA code DAG * Democratic Army of Greece, during the Greek Civil War 1946–1949 * Deputy Attorney General, a post in a national department of justice * Defense Acquisition Guide, a guidebook for military acquisition in the U.S. * Dyck Advisory Group, a South African private military company * German Salaried Employees' Union (''Deutsche Angestellten-Gewerkschaft'')

See also

* * * Dagr, the personification of day in Norse mythology * Aquadag, a water-based colloidal graphite coating {{disambiguation, geo