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Daegu Metro
Revised Romanization Daegu dosicheoldo
McCune–Reischauer Taegu tosich'ŏlto
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Daegu Metro (Hangul대구도시철도; Hanja大邱都市鐵道; RRDaegu dosicheoldo) serves primarily the South Korean city of Daegu.


Line Name
Line Name
Starting Station(s) Ending Station(s) Stations Total Length
Rapid transit:
Daegu Metro Line 1.svg 1호선 Seolhwa-Myeonggok Ansim 32[1] 28.4 km[1]
Daegu Metro Line 2.svg 2호선 Munyang Yeungnam Univ. 29[1] 31.4 km[1]
Daegu Metro Line 3.svg 3호선 KNU Medical Center Yongji 30 23.9 km

Line 1

Line 1 was the site of the Daegu subway fire of 2003, when an arsonist set fire to a train in rush hour and killed nearly 200 people.

Line 2

Line 2 was completed in October 2005.

Line 3

Line 3, which is a monorail (unlike Lines 1 and 2), was completed and opened in April 2015.

Lines under construction

AGT line

The transport department has approved plans to build an Automated Guideway Transit line. The Color Of AGT line is Purple


The fare is 1,200 won for a token to any stop on the subway and only 1,100 won with the use of a transportation card.

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