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DB Cargo
DB Cargo
is a European (mainly German) railway cargo carrier. The company was formed from the freight operating section of the Deutsche Bahn with the addition of various European rail freight operating companies. In December 2007 Railion became part of the DB Schenker logistics group, itself a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn. In early 2009 the now larger division was renamed DB Schenker Rail, and once again in 1 March 2016 to its current name, DB Cargo.


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Railion 1611

The present company is the result of the merger of DB Cargo
DB Cargo
AG with NS Cargo NV. Later, the Danish cargo company DSB Gods (literally DSB Cargo) merged into the company. It further acquired the Italian cargo carrier Strade Ferrate del Mediterraneo (SFM) in 2004 and further acquired the Swiss cargo carrier Brunner Rail Services GmbH. In addition it purchased a 20 percent stake in Swiss BLS Cargo AG in 2007. In 2008 it increased its stake in BLS Cargo AG to 40 percent. In 2008 the Railion brand was replaced with the rebranding of the whole DB logistics organisation into a common recognisable brand; named DB Schenker.[1] In 2011, DB Schenker Rail signed an agreement with Lietuvos Geležinkeliai to increase cross-border services with the Baltic states.[2] Operations[edit] The holding company is based in Mainz. 92% of the shares are held by DB AG (through its Logistics
subsidiary DB Schenker), 6% by NV Nederlandse Spoorwegen
Nederlandse Spoorwegen
and 2% by Danske Statsbaner. It uses different names for in each country where it operates, namely:

DB Cargo
DB Cargo
Danmark in Denmark
(formerly DSB Gods, then Railion Scandinavia) ( DB Schenker Rail Danmark is owned by DB Schenker GmbH (51%) and Green Cargo
Green Cargo
(49%)) DB Cargo
DB Cargo
Deutschland in Germany
(formerly DB Cargo, then Railion Deutschland) Euro
Cargo Rail in France DB Cargo
DB Cargo
Italia in Italy
(formerly SFM, then Railion Italia, then Nordcargo, then DB Schenker Rail Italia) DB Cargo
DB Cargo
Nederland in the Netherlands
(formerly NS Cargo, then Railion Nederland) ( NS Cargo
NS Cargo
merged with Railion in 2000[3]) DB Cargo Polska
DB Cargo Polska
in Poland
(bought as PCC Rail) DB Cargo
DB Cargo
Schweiz in Switzerland
(formerly Brunner Rail Services GmbH, then Railion Schweiz) DB Cargo UK
DB Cargo UK
in the United Kingdom
United Kingdom
(bought as English, Welsh & Scottish Railway). DB Cargo
DB Cargo
Romania, renamed from the Romanian subsidiary Logistic Services Danubius (LSD) in 2011.[4][5]

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DB Cargo
DB Cargo
Danmark DB Cargo
DB Cargo
Italia DB Cargo
DB Cargo

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