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Cyanopica is a genus of magpie in the family Corvidae. They belong to a common lineage with the genus Perisoreus.[1] Species[edit]

Image Scientific name Common Name Distribution

Cyanopica cyanus Azure-winged magpie eastern Asia in most of China, Korea, Japan, and north into Mongolia and southern Siberia

Cyanopica cooki Iberian magpie southwestern and central parts of the Iberian Peninsula, in Spain and Portugal


^ Ericson, Per G. P.; Jansén, Anna-Lee; Johansson, Ulf S.; Ekman, Jan (2005). "Inter-generic relationships of the crows, jays, magpies and allied groups (Aves: Corvidae) based on nucleotide sequence data" (PDF). Journal of Avian Biology. 36 (3): 222–234. doi:10.1111/j.0908-8857.2001.03409.x. 

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Extant species of family Corvidae

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Aves Subclass: Neornithes Superorder: Neognathae Order: Passeriformes

Family Corvidae



Alpine chough (P. graculus) Red-billed chough (P. pyrrhocorax)



Hooded treepie (C. cucullata) Black racket-tailed treepie (C. temia)


Andaman treepie (D. bayleyi) Bornean treepie (D. cinerascens) Grey treepie (D. formosae) Black-faced treepie (D. frontalis) White-bellied treepie (D. leucogastra) Sumatran treepie (D. occipitalis) Rufous treepie (D. vagabunda)


Black magpie (P. leucopterus)

Bornean black magpie (P. l. aterrimus)


Ratchet-tailed treepie (T. temnurus)

Oriental magpies


Common green magpie (C. chinensis) Indochinese green magpie (C. hypoleuca) Bornean green magpie (C. jefferyi) Javan green magpie (C. thalassina)


Taiwan blue magpie (U. caerulea) Red-billed blue magpie (U. erythrorhyncha) Yellow-billed blue magpie (U. flavirostris) Sri Lanka blue magpie (U. ornata) White-winged magpie (U. whiteheadi)

Old World jays


Eurasian jay (G. glandarius) Lanceolated jay (G. lanceolatus) Lidth's jay (G. lidthi)

Podoces (Ground jays)

Biddulph's ground jay (P. biddulphi) Henderson's ground jay (P. hendersoni) Pander's ground jay (P. panderi) Persian ground jay (P. pleskei)


Piapiac (P. afer)

Stresemann's bushcrow


Stresemann's bushcrow (Z. stresemanni)

Family Corvidae (continued)



Spotted nutcracker (N. caryocatactes) Clark's nutcracker (N. columbiana)

Holarctic magpies


Black-billed magpie (P. hudsonia) Yellow-billed magpie (P. nuttalli) Eurasian magpie (P. pica) Korean magpie (P. sericea)

True crows (crows, ravens, jackdaws and rooks)


Australian and Melanesian species Little crow (C. bennetti) Australian raven (C. coronoides) Bismarck crow (C. insularis) Brown-headed crow (C. fuscicapillus) Bougainville crow (C. meeki) Little raven (C. mellori) New Caledonian crow (C. moneduloides) Torresian crow (C. orru) Forest raven (C. tasmanicus) Grey crow (C. tristis) Long-billed crow (C. validus) White-billed crow (C. woodfordi)

Pacific island species Hawaiian crow (C. hawaiiensis) Mariana crow (C. kubaryi)

Tropical Asian species Daurian jackdaw (C. dauuricus) Slender-billed crow (C. enca) Flores crow (C. florensis) Large-billed crow (C. macrorhynchos) Eastern jungle crow (C. levaillantii) Indian jungle crow (C. culminatus) House crow (C. splendens) Collared crow (C. torquatus) Piping crow (C. typicus) Banggai crow (C. unicolor) Violet crow (C. violaceus)

Eurasian and North African species Mesopotamian crow (C. capellanus) Hooded crow (C. cornix) Carrion crow (C. corone) Rook (C. frugilegus) Jackdaw (C. monedula ) Eastern carrion crow (C. orientalis) Fan-tailed raven (C. rhipidurus) Brown-necked raven (C. ruficollis)

Holarctic species Common raven (C. corax)

North and Central American species American crow (C. brachyrhynchos) Northwestern crow (C. caurinus) Chihuahuan raven (C. cryptoleucus) Tamaulipas crow (C. imparatus) Jamaican crow (C. jamaicensis) White-necked crow (C. leucognaphalus) Cuban crow (C. nasicus) Fish crow (C. ossifragus) Palm crow (C. palmarum) Sinaloan crow (C. sinaloae)

Tropical African species White-necked raven (C. albicollis) Pied crow (C. albus) Cape crow (C. capensis) Thick-billed raven (C. crassirostris) Somali crow (C. edithae)

Family Corvidae (continued)

Azure-winged magpies


Iberian magpie (C. cooki) Azure-winged magpie (C. cyanus)

Grey jays


Grey jay (P. canadensis) Siberian jay (P. infaustus) Sichuan jay (P. internigrans)

New World jays

Aphelocoma (Scrub jays)

California scrub jay (A. californica) Island scrub jay (A. insularis) Woodhouse's scrub jay (A. woodhouseii) Florida scrub jay (A. coerulescens) Transvolcanic jay (A. ultramarina) Unicolored jay (A. unicolor) Mexican jay (A. wollweberi)

Calocitta (Magpie-Jays)

Black-throated magpie-jay (C. colliei) White-throated Magpie-jay (C. formosa)


Blue jay (C. cristata) Steller's jay (C. stelleri)


Black-chested jay (C. affinis) Purplish-backed jay (C. beecheii) Azure jay (C. caeruleus) Cayenne jay (C. cayanus) Plush-crested jay (C. chrysops) Curl-crested jay (C. cristatellus) Purplish jay (C. cyanomelas) White-naped jay (C. cyanopogon) Tufted jay (C. dickeyi) Azure-naped jay (C. heilprini) Bushy-crested jay (C. melanocyaneus) Brown jay (C. morio) White-tailed jay (C. mystacalis) San Blas jay (C. sanblasianus) Violaceous jay (C. violaceus) Green jay (C. ynca) Yucatan jay (C. yucatanicus)


Silvery-throated jay (C. argentigula) Black-collared jay (C. armillata) Azure-hooded jay (C. cucullata) White-throated jay (C. mirabilis) Dwarf jay (C. nana) Beautiful jay (C. pulchra) Black-throated jay (C. pumilo) Turquoise jay (C. turcosa) White-collared jay (C. viridicyana)


Pinyon jay (G. cyanocephalus)

Taxon identifiers

Wd: Q2717364 EoL: 92803 EPPO: 1CYANG Fauna Europaea: 97130 GBIF: 2482433 ITIS: 5