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The Cvetković–Maček Agreement
Cvetković–Maček Agreement
(Serbian: Споразум Цветковић-Мачек; Croatian: Sporazum Cvetković-Maček) was a political agreement on the internal divisions in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia which was settled on August 26, 1939 by Yugoslav prime minister Dragiša Cvetković
Dragiša Cvetković
and Vladko Maček, a Croat
politician. The agreement established the Banovina of Croatia, drawn to include as many ethnic Croats as possible, which effectively created a Croatian sub-state in Yugoslavia, a demand of Croat
politicians since the 1918 founding of Yugoslavia. Sources[edit]

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Barčot, Tonko (September 2006). "Ispostava banske vlasti Banovine Hrvatske u Splitu 1939.–1941" [The department of the banal government of autonomous Banovina Croatia in Split 1939–1941] (PDF). Radovi (in Croatian). Institute for Historical Sciences of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts
in Zadar (48): 667–702. Retrieved 23 December 2014. 

Further reading[edit]

Ljubo Boban (1965). Sporazum Cvetković-Maček. Belgrade: Institut društvenih nauka, Odeljenje za istorijske nauke. 

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