The Info List - Cumann Poblachta Na HÉireann

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Cumann Poblachta na hÉireann (Irish pronunciation: [kˠumʷənˠ pʷɔbʷɫəxt̪ˠə n̪ˠə heːɾʲən̪ˠ]; English: Republican Society of Ireland) was a political party established by the Irish Republican Army in 1936. It existed until 1937. The party was founded in Barry's Hotel, Dublin on 7 March 1936. The party decided to adopt a policy of absenteeism with regards to taking their seats in the Dail Eireann
Dail Eireann
and the Northern Ireland Parliament.[1] The party was led by prominent IRA members. Paddy McLogan served as party chairman while a former IRA chief of staff Andy Cooney
Andy Cooney
was another leading member. Madge Daly, the sister of Ned Daly and Kathleen Clarke, Fionna Plunkett, the sister of Joseph Plunkett, Sean MacBride, Joseph P. Brennan, Peadar O'Donnell and Moss Twomey
Moss Twomey
were also members.[1][2] General Eoin O'Duffy
Eoin O'Duffy
attended the founding meeting but never became a member.[2] In 1936, during the legislative period of the 8th Dáil, the party ran two candidates in by-elections: In the Galway by-election, held in the Galway constituency on 13 August 1936, Count Plunkett ran as a joint Cumann Poblachta na hÉireann / Sinn Féin
Sinn Féin
candidate. Losing his deposit, he polled 2,696 votes (a 4.09 percent share of the vote).[3] In the Wexford by-election, held in the Wexford constituency on 17 August 1936, Stephen Hayes polled 1,301 votes (a 2.85 percent share of the vote) and lost his deposit.[4] References[edit]

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Irish Republican Army (1922–69)


Genealogy Irish Republican Army (1917–22) British Partition ( Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland
& Southern Ireland) Anglo-Irish Treaty
Anglo-Irish Treaty
(in relation to the IRA) Irish Civil War
Irish Civil War
(Timeline & Executions) Munster Republic Comhairle na dTeachtaí Irish republican legitimism Abstentionism Collaboration with the Abwehr The Emergency Plan Kathleen Haughey arms crisis Officials-Provisionals split


IRA Army Council IRA Northern Command


Battle of Dublin Battle of Kilmallock Anti-Treaty Guerilla Campaign Christmas Raid Sabotage Campaign Northern Campaign Border Campaign

Chiefs of Staff

Liam Lynch (1922) Joe McKelvey (1922) Liam Lynch (1922–23) Frank Aiken
Frank Aiken
(1923–25) Andrew Cooney (1925–26) Moss Twomey
Moss Twomey
(1926–36) Seán MacBride
Seán MacBride
(1936) Tom Barry (1936–37) Mick Fitzpatrick (1937-38) Seán Russell
Seán Russell
(1938-40) Stephen Hayes (1940–41) Pearse Kelly (1941) Seán Harrington (1941–42) Seán McCool (1942) Eoin McNamee (1942) Hugh McAteer (1942) Charlie Kerins (1942–44) Harry White (1944–45) Patrick Fleming (1945–47) Willie McGuinness (1947–48) Tony Magan (1948-57) Richard Burke (1957) Tony Magan (1957) Seán Cronin (1957–58) John Joe McGirl (1958) Ruairí Ó Brádaigh
Ruairí Ó Brádaigh
(1958-59) Seán Cronin (1959–60) Ruairí Ó Brádaigh
Ruairí Ó Brádaigh
(1960-62) Cathal Goulding (1962–69)


Cathal Brugha Liam Mellows Robert Erskine Childers Michael Carolan Richard Barrett Hugh Corvin Ernie O'Malley Tom Maguire Paddy McLogan Seamus O'Donovan Frank Ryan Máirtín Ó Cadhain Brendan Behan Dominic Behan Tomás Ó Dubhghaill Seán South Fergal O'Hanlon Manus Canning Seán Mac Stíofáin Joe Cahill Joe McCann Liam Kelly Tom Hales Peadar O'Donnell Éamonn O'Doherty Billy McKee


Cumann na mBan Fianna Éireann Sinn Féin
Sinn Féin
(1922–26 & 1938–69) Clan na Gael National Graves Association Comhairle na Poblachta (1929–31) Saor Éire (1931) Cumann Poblachta na hÉireann (1936–37) Córas na Poblachta Connolly Association (Communist Party of Great Britain) Wolfe Tone Societies Clann na hÉireann


Republican Congress Saor Uladh Provisional Irish Republican Army Official Irish Republican Army

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Defunct political parties in Ireland

to 1918

Home Rule/Nationalist

All-for- Ireland
League Catholic Union Home Government Association Home Rule League Independent Irish Party Irish National Federation Irish National League Irish Parliamentary Party Irish Patriot Party Irish Reform Association Irish Socialist Republican Party Repeal Association United Irish League


Irish Conservative Party Irish Liberal Party Irish Loyal and Patriotic Union Irish Metropolitan Conservative Society Irish Unionist Alliance

post 1918


British and Irish Communist Organisation Communist Party of Ireland
(Marxist–Leninist) Irish Worker League Irish Workers' Group Irish Workers' Party (1926) Irish Workers' Party (1948) League for a Workers' Republic Republican Congress Saor Éire Socialist Party of Ireland
(1904) Workers League World Socialist Party


Cork Socialist Party Democratic Left Democratic Socialist Party National Labour Party National Progressive Democrats Sligo/Leitrim Independent Socialist Organisation Socialist Labour Party Socialist Party of Ireland
(1971) United Left


Ailtirí na hAiséirghe All Ireland
Anti-Partition League Aontacht Éireann Clann Éireann Clann na Poblachta Córas na Poblachta Cumann na nGaedheal Cumann na Poblachta Cumann Poblachta na hÉireann Independent Fianna Fáil Irish Anti-Partition League Irish Independence Party National Party (1924)


Clann na Talmhan Farmers' Party National Democratic Party

Christian right

Christian Centrist Party Christian Solidarity Party Poblacht Chríostúil


Business and Professional Group Cork Civic Party Irish Monetary Reform Association Libertas Muintir na hÉireann National Centre Party National Corporate Party National League Party Progressive Democrats


Donegal Progressive Party Irish Centre Party Irish Dominion League Unionist Anti-Partition League


Fathers Rights-Responsibility Party Independent Health Alliance