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Crossroads of Laredo is a Western film compiled by extant silent footage of the unfinished Streets of Laredo (c. 1948), the first known film project of Ed Wood. It lasts 23 minutes.[1] Wood was the director, the writer, and one of the actors of the film.[2] The film includes a music score by Ben Weisman and narration by Cliff Stone.[1] The footage of the original were located by Brett Thompson, John Crawford Thomas, and Dolores Fuller. They were responsible for editing the film and adding narration. The film was released alongside the documentary The Haunted World of Edward D. Wood, Jr. (1995). It was included as an extra in the DVD release of the documentary in 2005, digitally restored.[1]


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Plot[edit] The film opens to close-ups of "a gun holding a six-gun in its holster". A young cowboy (played by Ed Wood) is introduced, who according to the narrator sold his herd of cattle at San Antonio
San Antonio
for top dollar. He is now seen riding in a crossroads town in the vicinity of Laredo, Texas, looking for an old friend. He is soon ambushed by another cowboy, called Tex (Don Nagel) who first disarms him and then shoots him in cold blood.[1] Later, Tex heads for the local saloon, and the narrative introduces two other main characters: Lem (Duke Moore) and Barbara (Ruth McCabe). They are old friends who are seen walking together. But Tex wants Barbara, and he soon manages to kiss her. Lem chooses not to interfere, and Tex proceeds to propose marriage. According to the narrator, Tex has had many women and knows just what to say to sweep Barbara off her feet. They are married right away.[1] A year later, a more weary Barbara is seen. Tex has proved to be a neglectful husband. A scene depicts him rejecting his wife and newborn child. He claims that he only needs his gun and the money it brings him. He spends his money with saloon girls.[1] Lem heads out to see Barbara and informs her of Tex's cheating ways. He also explains his suspicion that Tex kills men for money, then confesses his own love for her. He offers to kill Tex for her.[1] The two gunfighters meet in a fight at the streets of the small town, and Lem bests his rival. Tex is fatally wounded and soon dies; only four prostitutes are seen mourning for him. The camera then follows his funeral procession to the grave. Barbara leaves Tex's gun and holster on the wooden cross of the grave. Lem chooses the funeral as his moment to surrender to the local sheriff.[1] The crowd attending the funeral turns into a lynch mob and the sheriff is willing to execute Lem without a trial. Then Barbara approaches the prisoner and gives him a passionate kiss. She informs the crowd that she loves the man. No longer eager to avenge the widow, the crowd releases Lem. The new couple walks out of town together.[1] Sources[edit]

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