Crossings by river


Crossings may refer to: * Crossings (Buffy novel), ''Crossings'' (Buffy novel), a 2002 original novel based on the U.S. television series ''Buffy the Vampire Slayer'' * Crossings (game), a two-player abstract strategy board game invented by Robert Abbott * Crossings (Herbie Hancock album), ''Crossings'' (Herbie Hancock album), 1972 * Crossings (journal), ''Crossings'' (journal), an academic journal on art * Crossings (Red Garland album), ''Crossings'' (Red Garland album), 1978 * Crossings (Steel novel), ''Crossings'' (Steel novel), a 1982 novel by Danielle Steel * Crossings (Tony Rice album), ''Crossings'' (Tony Rice album), 1994 * Crossings (TV miniseries), ''Crossings'' (TV miniseries), a 1986 miniseries directed by Karen Arthur, starring Cheryl Ladd and Lee Horsley and * Crossings (TV series), ''Crossings'' (TV series), a Malaysian dark comedy drama series * Pedestrian crossing, a designated point on a road at which some means are employed to assist pedestrians wishing to cross * Zebra crossing, also known as a crosswalk

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