''Crossiella'' is a genus in the phylum
Actinomycetota The ''Actinomycetota'' (or ''Actinobacteria'') are a phylum of all gram-positive bacteria. They can be terrestrial or aquatic. They are of great economic importance to humans because agriculture and forests depend on their contributions to so ...
Bacteria Bacteria (; singular: bacterium) are ubiquitous, mostly free-living organisms often consisting of one biological cell. They constitute a large domain of prokaryotic microorganisms. Typically a few micrometres in length, bacteria were amon ...


The name ''Crossiella'' derives from:
New Latin New Latin (also called Neo-Latin or Modern Latin) is the revival of Literary Latin used in original, scholarly, and scientific works since about 1500. Modern scholarly and technical nomenclature, such as in zoological and botanical taxonomy ...
named for Thomas Cross, a microbiologist at the University of Bradford, who made many contributions to actinomycete biology and systematics.


The genus contains two species, namely * '' C. cryophila'' ( (Labeda and Lechevalier 1989) Labeda 2001, (type species of the genus);
Greek Greek may refer to: Greece Anything of, from, or related to Greece, a country in Southern Europe: *Greeks, an ethnic group. *Greek language, a branch of the Indo-European language family. **Proto-Greek language, the assumed last common ancestor ...
''kruos'', icy cold, frost; New Latin ''philus'' from Greek ''philos (φίλος)'' meaning friend, loving; New Latin ''cryophila'', cold-loving, referring to the low permissive temperature range for growth.) * '' C. equi'' ( Donahue ''et al''. 2002, ; Latin ''equi'', of the horse, referring to the source of isolation of this microorganism, equine placentas.)

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