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The Cross of Merit () is a Polish civil state
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established on 23 June 1923, to recognize services to the state.


At the time of its establishment in 1923, the Cross of Merit was the highest civilian award in Poland. It was awarded to citizens who went beyond the call of duty in their work for the country and society as a whole. May be awarded twice in each grade to the same person. File:Gold Cross of Merit (obv) (People's Republic Issue).jpg, Gold Cross of Merit issued by the People's Republic File:Silver Cross of Merit (obv) (People's Republic Issue).jpg, Silver Cross of Merit issued by the People's Republic

The Order

The Order has three grades:


Gold Cross of Merit

* Ewa Hojna, 13 May 2022, Director of Polish School Cultural Association (ACEP), Spain * Jan-Krzysztof Duda, 2021, chess grandmaster * Wanda Paulina Gluszek, 2016, political activist, poet, Chicago, Illinois * Michał Korwin-Szymanowski, also known as Michel Korwin, 2015, Montréal, Canada * John P. Lynch, 3 November 2014, CEO and founder of Lynka * Philippe Blain, 27 October 2014, coach of Poland men's national volleyball teamWorld Champions 2014 * Fabian Drzyzga, 27 October 2014, volleyball player, World Champion 2014 * Mateusz Mika, 27 October 2014, volleyball player, World Champion 2014 * Karol Kłos, 27 October 2014, volleyball player, World Champion 2014 * Michał Kwiatkowski, 2014, Polish road cyclist * Andrzej Wrona, 27 October 2014, volleyball player, World Champion 2014 * Paweł Zatorski, 27 October 2014, volleyball player, World Champion 2014 * Joanna Zawadzka, 2 May 2014, community activist living in Scotland, director of Polish Cultural Festival Association * Aleksandra Ziółkowska-Boehm, 20 June 2014, U.S.-based writer and academic * Katarzyna Maria Dziewanowska, 26 September 2013, scientific research, University of Idaho * Elwira Grossman, August 2013, Scotland * John Dodunski, March 2013, New Zealand * Robert Dodunski, March 2013, New Zealand * Bogdan Labecki, 2013 * Margaret Scannell née Dodunski, March 2013, New Zealand * Michal Kuleczka, 2013"Government House (Award to Canadians)". Canada Gazette. Vol. 147, No. 8 — 23 February 2013. Retrieved 6 March 2013 from: * Thomas Gabriel Grasza Esq, 11 November 2011, postage stamp and coin sesigner and noted Canadian-Polish philatelist of four decades * Izabella Zielińska, 2011, Polish pianist * Bronisław Oczkowski, 14 December 2010, Melbourne, Australia * Geertjan Lassche, 2007, Dutch reporter and documentary film maker * Tomasz Miśkiewicz, Silver Cross of Merit 2006, mufti, for work with the immigrant and native Islamic Youth, Gold Cross of Merit 2011, for work with the Muslim minorities, and for interfaith dialogue * Małgorzata Kalinowska-Iszkowska, 2005, Polish computer scientist * Agata Mroz-Olszewska, 2005, volleyball player, double European champion team member, 2003 and 2005 * Adam Skorek, 2004 * Ryszard Antoni Kuśmierczyk, August 2002, Engineer and community leader based ub Windsor, Ontario, Canada * Alojzy Nowak, 2002 * Jerzy Zralski, 2000, II WW veteran and writer."Government House (Award to Canadians)". Canada Gazette. Vol. 134, No. 43 — 21 October 2000. from: www. * Stanis ław Nosal, 1979, Polish Colonel of the 5th Rocket Artillery Battalion in Modlin Fortress, Poland. * Witold Bełza, 1938, Polish librarian, writer, publicist and cultural activist. * Michael Biegler, German head coach of the Poland national handball team * Jan Bujak, July 1984, Corporate owner * Stanisław Sylwester Alfonzy Grodyński, 1939, Polish Governor (Starost), military intelligence officer, lawyer. * Stanisław Horno-Popławski, 1952, Polish painter, sculptor and
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. * Ryszard Jurkowski, Silver and Gold Cross of Merit, Polish architect * Jerzy Łucki, August 1995, Toronto, Canada * A.E.G.Jung, September 1995, Stellenbosch, South Africa * Marian Machowski, Polish footballer and researcher * Krzysztof Kazimierz Miller, 1964, architect, urbanist * Agnieszka Radwańska, tennis player * Bronisława Rychter-Janowska, 1939, Cracovian artist. * Moses Schorr, Rabbi, Polish historian, politician, bible scholar, assyriologist and orientalist * Stefania Skwarczyńska, Polish theorist and historian of literature, theatrologist, full professor, honorary doctor of the University of Łódź, World War II resistance fighter * Captain Raymond Delver Smith Carrington J.P., 1990, for distinguished and outstanding service to Poland and its people * Henri Strzelecki, 1990, co-founder of Henri Lloyd. * Arthur Szyk, 1931, Polish-Jewish fine artist, book illustrator, and political artist. * Józef Weyssenhoff, 1932, Polish writer, novelist, poet, literary critic, publisher. * Afanasij Poliszczuk, 1946, veterinary service chief in the First Polish Army

Silver Cross of Merit

* Maria Boniecka, 1937, work with illiterate adults * Francis K. Czyzewski, 4 July 1939, writer, astronomer, meteorologist, photographer, playwright, WSBT Polish Hour radio program host, life member of the solar division of the American Variable Star Observers at Harvard College Observatory (1951); former president, Polish-American Central Civic Committee; staff writer, South Bend Tribune; South Bend, Indiana * Adela Dankowska, 1970, Polish glider pilot * Grzegorz Fryc, September 2014, New York * Helena Gąsienica Daniel, Olympic cross-country skier * Marcin Pawel Grzadka, Harcmistrz, co-founder of YPCPA. & chairman of Quo Vadis Leadership Conference. – Canada – November 2013 * Rudolf Gundlach, Gundlach tank periscope inventor * Robert Makłowicz, 2004, journalist and historian, notable for promoting the
Polish cuisine Polish cuisine ( pl, kuchnia polska) is a style of cooking and food preparation originating in or widely popular in Poland. Due to Poland's history, Polish cuisine has evolved over the centuries to be very eclectic, and it shares many similarit ...
* Tomasz Moczerniuk, September 2014, New York"Awards at the Consulate General of Poland in New York". Retrieved 24 September 2014 from:,1369,odznaczenia-w-konsulacie-generalnym-rp-w-nowym-jorku.html * Witold Pilecki, 1938, Soldier * Filip Slipaczek, May 2014, UK * Adam Świerkocz, 2005, Polish brigadier general * Jerzy Troszczynski, photographer * Krzysztof Wojciechowski, August 2013, Poland * Wlodzimierz Mieczyslaw Wojciechowski, 1973, Polish soldier and resistance fighter, London * Czesław s. Ignacego Przybylak, 1956, decorated Polish humanitarian activist, decorated worker of the state and Holocaust Survivor * Jacek Banasiak, Professor and DST/NRF SARChI Chair in Mathematical Models and Methods in Biosciences and Bioengineering at the University of Pretoria 2014

Bronze Cross of Merit

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