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The Critérium du Québec (also known as the Rally of Canada) was a rally competition that was part of the World Rally Championship
World Rally Championship
from 1977 to 1979. Critérium du Québec was Canada's second WRC event after the Rally of the Rideau Lakes, which was part of the calendar in 1974. History[edit] The 5ème Critérium Molson du Québec was the first edition of the rally on the World Rally Championship
World Rally Championship
schedule. Fiat
took a double win with its 131 Abarth both in 1977 and 1978, first with Timo Salonen
Timo Salonen
and Simo Lampinen
Simo Lampinen
and a year later with Walter Röhrl
Walter Röhrl
and Markku Alén. The 1979 event, won by Björn Waldegård
Björn Waldegård
in a Ford Escort RS1800, was the rally's final appearance in the WRC. Winners[edit]

Season Winner Car

1977 Timo Salonen Fiat
131 Abarth

1978 Walter Röhrl Fiat
131 Abarth

1979 Björn Waldegård Ford Escort RS1800

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