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South Sudan

The Council of States was established in 2011 by the interim constitution of South Sudan 2011. It is one of the two chambers comprising the National Legislature of South Sudan.


The Council of States comprises:


The Council of States exercises the following functions:[1]

  • initiating legislation on the decentralized system of government and other issues of interest to the states and passing such legislation with two-thirds majority of all representatives;
  • issuing resolutions and directives to guide all levels of government;
  • overseeing national reconstruction, development and equitable service delivery in the states;
  • monitoring the repatriation, relief, resettlement, rehabilitation, reintegration of returnees and internally displaced persons, and reconstruction of disaster and conflict affected areas;
  • requesting statements from Governors and national Ministers concerned regarding effective implementation of the decentralized system and devolution of powers and any other issues related to the states;
  • legislating for the promotion of a culture of peace, reconciliation and communal harmony among all the people of the states;
  • approving changes in state names, capitals and boundaries; and
  • performing any other function as determined by the Interim Constitution or the law.


  1. ^ Art. 59 of the Interim Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan