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The CORSICAN ASSEMBLY (Corsican : Assemblea di Corsica; French : L'Assemblée de Corse) is the unicameral legislative body of the territorial collectivity of Corsica
. It has its seat at the Grand Hôtel d' Ajaccio
et Continental, in the Corsican capital of Ajaccio


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Corsican Assembly
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Before 1975, Corsica
was a département of the French region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d\'Azur .

On 2 March 1982, a law was passed that gave Corsica
the status of territorial collectivity (collectivité territoriale), abolishing the Corsican Regional Council which had existed before. Unlike the regional councils, the Corsican Assembly
Corsican Assembly
has executive powers over the island.

In 1992, three institutions were formed in the territorial collectivity of Corsica:

* The Executive Council of Corsica
, which exercises the type of executive functions held in other French regions by the Presidents of the Regional Councils. It ensures the stability and consistency needed to manage the affairs of the territory; * The Corsican Assembly, a deliberative, unicameral legislative body with greater powers than the regional councils on the mainland; * The Economic, Social and Cultural Council of Corsica
, an advisory body.


Members of the Corsican Assembly