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Gerlind Cornell Borchers
Cornell Borchers
(16 March 1925 – 12 May 2014) was a German actress and singer, active in the late 1940s and 1950s. She is best remembered for her roles opposite Montgomery Clift
Montgomery Clift
in The Big Lift (1950) and Errol Flynn
Errol Flynn
and Nat King Cole
Nat King Cole
in Istanbul (1957). She was noted for her resemblance to Ingrid Bergman, though fairer in coloring.[1][2]


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Biography[edit] Borchers was born in Šilutė
(German: Heydekrug), Klaipėda Region (German: Memelland), Lithuania
in a German either Prussian Lithuanian or Memellander family. She appeared on the cover of East German magazine Neue Film Welt of 1949, Volume 3, Issue 4. She won a BAFTA Film Award in the category of Best Foreign Actress in 1955 for the movie The Divided Heart
The Divided Heart
of 1954. She retired from acting to raise her child. She was married twice, first to Bruce Cunningham and then to Dr. Anton Schelkopf, a psychologist, physician and film producer, whom she first met when she starred in his films School for Marriage
School for Marriage
(1954) and Rot ist die Liebe (1957), by whom she had one daughter, Julia Schelkopf, born in Munich, on 15 September 1962. The couple divorced later. She afterwards lived in Bavaria, Germany
Bavaria, Germany
and died there in 2014.[3] Filmography[edit]

Martina (1949) .... Irene Anonymous Letters
Anonymous Letters
(1949) .... Cornelia The Lie (1950) .... Ellen The Big Lift
The Big Lift
(1950) .... Frederica Burkhardt (also performer: "Vielleicht" and "In einem kleinen Café in Hernals") 0 Uhr 15, Zimmer 9 (1950) .... Unknown Sender (1950) .... Dr. Elisabeth Markert Dark Eyes (1951) .... Helene Samboni Das Ewige Spiel (1951) .... Marie Donatus Unvergängliches Licht (1951) .... Michèle Printemps Die Tödlichen Träume (1951) .... Angelika/Inez/Lisette/Maria House of Life
House of Life
(1952) .... Dr. Elisabeth Keller Abenteuer in Wien (de) (1952) .... Karin Manelli The Divided Heart
The Divided Heart
(1954) .... Inga Maxie (1954) .... Nora School for Marriage
School for Marriage
(1954) .... Regine Oasis (1955) .... Karine Salstroem The Dark Wave (1956) .... Herself Never Say Goodbye (1956) .... Lisa Gosting (also performer: "For the First Time") Rot ist die Liebe (1957) .... Rosemarie Istanbul (1957) .... Stephanie Bauer/Karen Fielding Flood Tide (1958) .... Anne Gordon Arzt ohne Gewissen (1959) .... Harriet Owen


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Cornell Borchers
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