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The COORS EVENTS CENTER is an 11,064-seat multi-purpose arena on the Boulder
main campus of the University of Colorado . It opened in 1979, and is home to the Colorado Buffaloes men\'s and women's basketball teams and the volleyball team.

The building is an eight-sided concrete structure, with three levels. The arena floor, the service level and the concourse level. The building is single-tiered inside. It replaced the Balch Fieldhouse , the current home of the indoor track and field team located directly adjacent to Folsom Field
Folsom Field


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The venue was formerly called the CU EVENTS/CONFERENCE CENTER and was renamed to the COORS EVENTS/CONFERENCE CENTER in September 1990 after the Coors family in recognition of a $5 million gift from the Adolph Coors Foundation. In 2008 with the addition of the basketball offices to the building on the service level, the "Conference" was removed from the name as there were no longer conference rooms in the building.

On December 9, 1981, the Grateful Dead played their last Boulder
show at the then-named "CUC."


The most dramatic changes since the building has been opened have come since 2008. After the 2007-08 basketball seasons, the CEC underwent a $200,000 "Floor Lift" with a permanent maple surface was installed that has technology to reduce injuries and fatigue.

In April 2008, the men's and women's basketball offices were relocated to the CEC from Folsom Field
Folsom Field
second level where the conference rooms were previously located.

In the summer of 2010, two new video boards were installed in the southwest and northeast corners. With the new video boards and as part of the new practice facility, a new state-of-the-art production facility was built for the department's award-winning BuffVision office. The production room controls the video boards at both the Coors Events Center