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The _CONTRA COSTA TIMES_ was a daily newspaper based in Walnut Creek, California
, U.S. . The paper served Contra Costa and eastern Alameda counties, in the eastern part of the San Francisco Bay Area
San Francisco Bay Area
. The _Times_ also published four other editions under different titles (_West County Times_, _East County Times_, _ San Ramon Valley Times_, and _Valley Times_) with essentially the same content, serving distinct communities within its circulation area. In 2007 the Contra Costa Times was merged with Alameda News Group to form a new entity called Bay Area News Group -East Bay (BANG-EB), which is in turn owned by MediaNews Group .

The final editions of the newspaper under the names The _Contra Costa Times, San Ramon Valley Times, East County Times, Tri-Valley Herald_ and _San Joaquin Herald_ were scheduled to be published on November 1, 2011, however BANG announced on October 27, 2011 that it would retain several of the mastheads and combine the _Tri-Valley Herald_ and _San Joaquin Herald,_ along with _The Valley Times_ under a new _Tri-Valley Times_ masthead. Other Bay Area News Group mastheads to be retained included the _Oakland Tribune, Hayward Daily Review, Fremont Argus_ and _West County Times_ which were to be combined under a new _East Bay Tribune _ title.

On April 5, 2016, the parent company Digital First Media folded the _Contra Costa Times_ into a new newspaper called _EAST BAY TIMES_ along with the company's other newspapers in the East Bay .


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The original _Contra Costa Times_ was founded by Dean Lesher in 1947, and served central Contra Costa, especially Walnut Creek. However, Lesher began expanding by purchasing weekly newspapers in neighboring communities, as well as two eastern Contra Costa daily papers, the _Antioch Ledger _ and the _Pittsburg Post-Dispatch_. Originally the weekly newspapers were free for shoppers, but Lesher gradually converted the papers to "controlled circulation" in 1962, an aggressive and expensive new strategy that called for free delivery of a copy to every household while asking readers to voluntarily buy subscriptions. Ultimately, the weeklies were converted into zoned daily